Two wheels

April 10
A few years back, I bought a sail boat. It was a little 22ft Venture with a 10 horse kicker and retractable keel. This was a few years after Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup race with his boat “The Stars and Stripes.” The Stars and stripes was a catamaran, or a boat with two hulls. Many thought that Dennis’ win was unfair because he wasn’t in a single hulled boat. In fact, the rules were changed before the next race.
While I never subscribed to the idea that he cheated, I did approve of the rule change. To me, a sail boat is at it’s best with a single wineglass shaped hull. The very “problems” the cats are supposed to cure are the very things that attracted me to sailing. Roaring along on a beam reach, and healed over with your gunnel in the water, is sailing on a level cat drivers will never know.
Now that I’m riding motorcycles, strangely I find myself facing almost the same aesthetic assault. The motorcycle world is being invaded by a plethora of machines that have more than two wheels. Yes, trikes and quads have been around for some time, but previously trikes were custom machines converted from a two wheeled bike in somebody’s garage and quads were off road machines primarily used by hunters and farmers. More recently third party companies began offering trike kits for production bikes and the number of trikes began to increase. Now there are companies offering production machines with three wheels like the Can-Am Spyder Roadster.
These machines have their followings and there will be more and more of them on the roads. As for me, sail boats should have one hull and motorcycles should have two wheels.

– Guy Wheatley

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  1. Zilla Says:

    I share your opinion that a motorcycle should have two wheels. I like the idea of having options as my age and health change. If, and/or when, I can no longer handle two wheels, I certainly don’t want to give up the fun and freedom of riding. I will choose three wheels before I just choose the rocking chair.

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