Pray For A Cure Rally

prayforcureGrowing up in farm country, I learned quickly to not complain about rain. No matter that it and been dry all week and was now raining out my weekend, there was some big gruff farmer ready to take a shovel to my head for complaining about the rain his field so desperately needed. But I’m going to have to lament just a little about this weekend. The Pray For A Cure Rally is tomorrow from 9 to 3 at Hooters. This is a good cause and it’d be a real shame to see it rained out.
Listening to Neal Jones on the phone telling me about it, I get the impression he’ll be there short of a second Noah’s flood. Maybe even then. If you’re in town this weekend, drop by and see how they’re doing. You can call Neal for infomation at 903-547-6720, or got to the Ark-La-Tex Star Rider website. ArkLaTex Star Riders
They are also sponsering a Talimena run in May. You can get an application here. Talimena Run Application
The application says the deadline was April 15, but Mr Jones assures me they will take them until the end of April.
If you’re not doing anything on a Friday night, check out the crew at Texarkana Bike Night.
We’ve been meeting at Dixie Diner in Nash, but wanted to tryout the Green Tomato on Lake Drive tonight. I will be out of town this weekend so there will be an empty seat. I hope somebody will go and fill it for me.

— Guy Wheatley

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