It ain’t a Sin to be in the wind


Motorcycles waiting on worshipers

It’s the same every Sunday Morning. The roar of heavy metal, and the “potato potato” of Hogs pulling into the parking lot. Leather clad legs swing over the seat as bikers and their babes head for the door. And sometimes, they don’t even wait until they’re inside before they start in with their rituals.
Prayer Circle

Prayer circle

There’s praying and singing and worshiping. The First Bikers Church at 12th and Walnut is probably not what many typically think of as a gathering for bikers. But make no mistake, many of theses folks are bikers. They’re just Christians first.
Things will start a little earlier next week as they begin a Revival. It kicks off Friday night, May 1st at 6:00 p.m. Weather permitting, they will be in the parking lot. Members will bring food and feed as many as they can. No word on the menu, but I’m expecting more than loaves and fishes.
The Saturday activities will start at 10 a.m. and include games for the kids, motorcycle games, food, music, and testimonies. There will also be a night service. Again, weather permitting, in the parking lot.
All of this leads into the Sunday morning worship service. Sunday school starts at 9:30. A prayer circle meets outside at 10:45 and the church service is at 11.

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Church Sign

Chruch Sign

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