Battle of Port Jefferson

Jefferson Texas will host what is billed as the largest Civil War reenactment in Texas this weekend. While not technically a “biker” event, one could argue that any event in Jefferson is a biker event. The town is so biker friendly that a least a couple of hundred bikes will be there on any given weekend.
And while we’re arguing technicalities, the event this weekend is not actually a reenactment. There never was a Battle of Port Jefferson. Union troops, under the command of General Nathaniel Banks, were on the way to burn the port town of Jefferson when they met defeat at Mansfield Louisiana on April 8, 1864. But the boys in Jefferson are still spoiling for a fight and by golly they’re going to have one. So every year year about this time Jefferson hosts a reenactment of the battle that would have been if the Yankees had just made it this far.
Jefferson is always a good biking destination, and this weekend it will offer a lot of additional entertainment. And even though the battle itself never took place, the re-enactors are serious about period authenticity. It will be 1864 again in Jefferson.

— Guy Wheatley

Historic downtown Jefferson

Historic downtown Jefferson

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  1. Willie TKana Says:

    That is what a Union Officer told us last year when we went to the Civil War Jefferson Event. We got to enterview a coupla Union reenactors, more or less.
    We were waling along, and I stopped to ask one of the Soldiers, about the afternoon Battle event the time and so forth..They were so knowledgeable, like historians of the Civil War. The Captain told us, that actually there was not a battle at jefferson.
    We’re going again this year.
    I agree, any event in Jefferson,of any kind, there is usually a bunch of Bikers, who show up, to support whatever is going on.

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