Sitting on a 2010 Honda Fury

Sitting on a 2010 Honda Fury

There’s a new ride in town. The Honda Fury has shown up at a local dealership. If you want to see it, you’d better get there fast. This thing has been all over the forums. I’ve even seen posts on the V-4 forums by guys who say they’ll trade in their bike for one. Trade in a V-4 for a V-twin? Surely this is blasphemy. There has been a lot of anticipation for this particular bike. I must confess to being a little bemused by it. The idea of a production chopper seems almost oxymoronic.
Choppers have classically been custom bikes, each one hand made and no two alike. They were as individual as each owner had the money or skill to make them. They were expressions of each owners tastes and personality. They didn’t compete with sport bikes for speed, or cruisers for comfort. Most don’t even have a pillion seat. They can carry a rider with what ever he has in his pockets. Their purpose was to be an individual statement.
So we now have choppers rolling off the assembly line in cookie cutter repetition. There will of course be a following, and clubs and forums will pop up dedicated to this particular machine. It’s riders will pass final judgement on the bike’s merits, and will eventually define the culture that surrounds it. It will be interesting to see what niche the Fury has carved out for itself in two years.

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  1. James B Says:

    Just thought I’d give you a heads up earlier than two years where the Fury is headed. Go check out http://www.furyforums.com and find out exactly how this ride is coming along. You’ll be amazed at the photo gallery that we have up of the customizations we have added to the bikes.

    Yes, you are completely write about the chopper genre serving a good purpose, the purpose of expressing one’s personal tastes on a bike they can call their own.

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