Biking in the 23rd century

James T. Kirk on his hub-less bike heading for a Star Fleet recruitment center.

Photo courtesy Paramount Pictures
James T. Kirk on his hub-less bike heading for a Star Fleet recruitment center.

I saw Star Trek this weekend. I had many questions but the most pressing one was of course, “What kind if bikes will we be riding in the 23rd century?” I’m not too sure I got a good answer. Cool ones I guess. I thought it was odd that when James T. Kirk was about 9 or 10-years-old, police were riding really great flying bikes. But then, presumable 10 or 15 years later, we see James T as a young adult, riding a bike with Wheels. I mean the kind that roll along on the ground and get dirt on them. The kind used by motorcycles that don’t fly.
It was also hub-less and shaped like a sport bike. I guess the sport bike design will prove to be classic. It wasn’t a cruiser, but then again you wouldn’t expect a 20 something-year-old Kirk to be chasing women on an old cruiser. Of course he’d be on a hot sport bike. But, it didn’t fly, or hover, or heck it didn’t even do a wheely.
I also couldn’t catch a brand name on either of the bikes. I will say that the police bike looked a lot like a wheel-less Victory Vision. It had that under bite on the front faring that looks just like the Vision. But, I couldn’t catch a name or logo. One wonders which of the venerable names of two wheeled transportation will still be in business by the time the Enterprise takes to the skies.
But two quick looks at the front of the movie was all we got. Then the rest of the movie was all about spaceships and blowing up planets and stuff. They never did get back to the bikes.

— Guy Wheatley

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  1. Mc Nasty Says:

    Bike was a modified Buell XB9S

  2. Karl Says:

    sad to see the original bike is a hubbed design, (guess they errased the wheels like on star(crap)wars landspeeders)
    the bike is cool though!

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