Comfort isn’t a luxury

I’m not as young as I used to be. Since I’ve only been riding a bike for about three years now, I don’t really have memories of riding when I was in my twenty’s to compare with riding now. I’m sure there would be a big difference. There is in the things I can remember.
My chiropractor has me doing exercises every night now to keep my back, neck and hamstrings limber. I remember when exercise was to build bulk and impress the girls. Now it’s to keep me ambulatory.
The longest one day run I’ve taken was a 475 miles from San Antonio to Texarkana. I’d planed to make it a two day trip, but the wife and I were ready to get back home after a week’s vacation, so we just kept going. We handled it pretty well. But recently, even shorter rides seem to take more of a toll on me. Sometimes, just a couple of hundred miles will almost do me in.
I wear a back brace when my lower back threatens me. The stretching exercises keeps my shoulders and neck more limber. But the days when I can just hop on anything and go until the gas is gone are past. I took the leather off my $400 Corbin seat and let a friend take a grinder to the padding. We glued some wings to the side and had the cover put back on by a pro. People were amazed that I was willing to cut into a Corbin. When you hurt bad enough, you’ll cut up anything. It helped.
As I gain more experience in life, (That’s a euphemism for getting old!) I find that comfort isn’t a luxury.

— Guy Wheatley

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