The wave

The weather was great this weekend, so I rode both days. This was a gas burning expedition rather than an attempt to reach a particular destination. We took a circuitous route through Ashdown, then back over to Fulton before heading into Old Washington. Discovering they’d rolled up the streets a little after noon, we went in to Hope to find a restaurant.
We went from divided 4 lane roads to narrow roads I’d call a lane and a half. A question I came up with is, how far is too far to wave? Most bikers will give other bikers the low wave we they pass each other. It’s an easy call on a narrow little strip of blacktop winding through the back country. But when the other bike is 100 yards away in the other lane on the Interstate it’s a little less clear. I don’t want the other biker to think I’m unfriendly, but there has to be a distance limit.
If traffic is heavy, or if I need both hands for safety sake for some other reason, I keep them on the bars.
If you pass me someday and I don’t wave, don’t think I’m a snob. I either didn’t see you or felt I needed to drive more the socialize.

Guy Wheatley

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