To Blink or Not to Blink.

I was heading home a few days ago and stopped at an intersection. There was a car coming from my left with his left blinker on. I’ve seen too many drivers plow straight through an intersection with their blinkers on, signaling a turn that never came. If you’re in a car and pull out in front of someone like that, then you get out survey the damage and exchange insurance information. If you’re on a motorcycle and pull out in front of somebody who doesn’t turn, then the other guys calls the morgue after he rolls over you. You can have lights and arrows and everything else on the front of your car. I’ll believe you’re turning when I see your front wheels cut over.
I watched the guy and sure enough, he rolls right through the intersection. I made a right turn and fell in behind him. I followed him a couple of blocks as we drove in front of a hospital. The entrance to the hospital parking lot was on our left. A pedestrian further up the street saw us coming and must have assumed that the man in the car was going to pull into the parking lot. His blinker was on after all. I could see the pedestrian’s eyes get big as the motorists passed the parking lot entrance and continued toward him.
The pedestrian stopped and back-stepped off the road back onto the curb. The guy in the cars comes to a halt, blinker still going, and begins waving at the pedestrian to cross. Warily he does, and the guy in the car starts rolling again still signaling a left turn.
I follow him for another block, wondering how far he’ll go before realizing his turn-signal is on. In exasperation, I take a deep breath and lower my head. My gaze falls across the instrument cluster on my triple tree and I discover that MY FLIPPIN BLINKER IS ON! I’ve been signaling a right turn since I fell in behind this guy.
OK, he drove a few blocks with his blinker on. Give him a break. It could happen to anybody.


— Guy Wheatley

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