Riding in the rain

We took a little ride Sunday afternoon. As we left the house, headed for First Old River lake, the sky was overcast and threatening rain. My son would be heading back to Dallas in a few hours and we wanted to get in one more ride before he left. Temperatures had dropped out of the triple digits into the low 90s. My wife was going to two-up with me on the Magna and my son would be on the Shadow. We decided to chance the rain. We packed some rain gear in the saddle bags and headed out.
It had rained earlier and the roads were still damp, but washed free of the oil that floats out of the road at the start of a rain. Though damp, the road still gave our tires a good bite. We reached out destination enduring only occasional light sprinkles. My wife is learning to ride and we had been coming out to this isolated spot for her to get some saddle time. She decided to make a few runs while we were there. As we got ready to head back, I suggested she take the Shadow as far back toward town as she felt comfortable.
We had barely covered one of the 18 miles back to town when the rain set in. It wasn’t a hard pounding rain, but it was steady and certainly more than sprinkles. I kept expecting her to pull over and let Brandon take the Shadow, but she kept going. As we pulled up to a stop together, I asked her if she wanted the rain gear. She said no. The temperature was mild and the rain felt good.
We eased back rarely going faster than 45, and taking corners at 25. We were on the edge of town before she finally pulled over. She still doesn’t want to ride in town, but she put a good 15 miles on the bike that day in the rain. While you would normally think of riding a motorcycle in the rain as an unpleasant experience, we had fun. The ride was relaxing and enjoyable. Even better, a new rider got a great confidence boost discovering that she could handle a bike in the rain.
I need more days like that in my life. What a great rainy day.

— Guy Wheatley

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