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I ran across an interesting post today. I was lurking on a technology forum and found a post complaining about a specific smart phone. A member complained that the iPhone doesn’t readily interface with his Harley.
Say what? Am I reading this right? Can’t attach your phone to your bike?
I was pleased at the number of responses he got pointing out that motorcycling and chatting on the phone don’t mix. He got little sympathy from either the bikers on the forum, or the iPhone users.
But all is not lost for the iPhone. The MotoCzysc E1pc, an all electric Superbike, uses an iPhone for the instrument cluster. Click here for article at intoMobile
With it’s built-in GPS and accelerometer, the iPhone can calculate and display speed and odometer readings. With it’s handy location at the top of the triple tree, it could easily serve as a GPS as well.
One would suspect the E1′s owners expect the driver to find his way around the track without an electronic navigator. It’s also unlikely he’ll be listening to Enya while tearing up the track. I guess if he gets too far behind, the owners could call him up and threaten to fire him.
Can’t hook you phone to your bike? This ain’t your daddy’s motorcycle.

— Guy Wheatley

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