Rain rain, go away

I weenied out of going to the Hot Springs Rally last weekend. I’d said I was going, even if it rained. But I was thinking of a few showers on the way up or back, not a deluge lasting the whole trip. Adding to the deteriorating weather was my wife’s declining health. She wound missing a day of work, so I was glad that I hadn’t dragged her out in the elements and exacerbated the situation.
Several of the tougher folks from our group did go.
One couple had a room for the night, so once they got to town they were able to find a dry place to sleep. Sharon and I were going to take a tent and find a spot somewhere. Again, that plan was laid before the monsoon set in.
The other couple made a day trip out of it. Well, more like a day and a half. They rode through the rain up there, rode in the rain there, and rode through the rain back to Texarkana. It was 3 in the morning when they sloshed into their driveway according to the ride report. Reading their adventures, I wish I’d been there with them. I’m sure they were miserable, cold and wet, but I can’t help but feel I missed out on something.
It probably sounds better sitting here in the dry than it would have wet, on the road.

— Guy Wheatley

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