Swap meet.

I went to my first swap meet Sunday. A friend had a spot and offered to let me take a jacket I’d bought before losing 75 pounds. I didn’t sell the jacket, and my friend didn’t make much, if any, money. But it was good experience anyway.
I didn’t see many people swapping parts, but I did see a lot of folks swapping advice, stories and good times. I also got to see some unusual bikes. It was better seeing them this way. They weren’t lined up in a bike show, but just sitting at a vendor site or in the parking lot.
Even though it didn’t appear to be a huge financial success, I heard a lot of people talking about making it a regular event. I hope they do. It was fun, and I think that as time goes by and people get used to the idea, it will start bringing in money.


— Guy B. Wheatley

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