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Interesting custom sidecar

An interesting custom sidecar

I’ve never understood the desire for a sidecar. That doesn’t mean I think sidecars are bad, it’s just that somehow the idea never generated any excitement in me. The addition of a side car means the addition of another wheel and that’s where you lose me. If you’re going to have 3 wheels, why not just go ahead an trike it.
Now if you could get a side car that was easy to attach and detach, I might go for that. There might be times I’d like the additional storage. I could see having one if I could drop the hack and ride on 2 wheels again when I didn’t need the extra room. But then again, isn’t that what a trailer gives you. And at a lot less cost. And with a trailer you don’t lose as much width as you will with a side car. Finally, it is my understanding that a bike has to be trimmed for the side car and wouldn’t ride very well if you just pulled it off.
But as with trikes, there is a faithful following of sidecar enthusiasts. Like the folks at the United Sidecar Association. These riders don’t see sidecars as a joke. They appreciate them as serious and legitimate motorcycling equipment. And, I must admit, lurking in on their forums I am starting to appreciate some of what attracts them to this particular style of biking. There could be some advantage in having your passenger at your side as opposed to at your back. You can also use a sidecar for children or others who may not be safe or able to ride behind you.
I have seen some side cars that got my attention. I’ve posted photos of some of them on the Texarkana Bike Night forum. Texarkana Bike Night forum. In some cases, the craftsmanship is amazing. Few of these are offered as practical solutions to riding problems. They are mostly curiosities done for laughs, or advertising promotions. But some of these do look like a lot of fun.
Still, I think I’ll be contented to just look at other people’s sidecars. Neither Vic nor Maggie will be sporting one.

— Guy B. Wheatley

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