Visiting on the bike

Mounting up

The missus getting ready to mount up.

Anytime we go somewhere for a weekend visit, the question of whether we can go on the bike runs through my mind. As you might expect the threshold for caging it, or going in the car, is higher for me than for my wife. It’s not a macho thing. She’s as willing as to face the elements as I am. To quote one of the weasels in the movie Chicken Run, “It’s a lady thing.”
I’m just not as worried that the hair I have left will be messed up or matted when I get where we’re going. And for me, a weekend outing requires one pair of jeans, a couple of shirts, underwear, and socks. My biking boots are black, and I keep them pretty well polished. They’ll pass as dress shoes if you don’t look too close. My tooth brush and a disposable razor don’t take up much room. I keep a travel size bar of soap, tube of toothpaste, bottle of shampoo, and cologne in a travel bag. My toiletries can go in a fanny pack and my clothes in a gym bag.
Not so for the lady of the house. If we take the bike, it will probably have to be a trip to see the kids or a very close relative. Somebody she is willing to visit with helmet hair, or someplace where she can wash her hair once we get there. And there are way too many factors that influence clothing to go into detail here. It’s a combination of whom we’re visiting, whether we’re going someplace formal while we’re there and weather.
We did take a week’s vacation on the bike one year, so it can be done. (Ride report and photos here.) It just requires some planning.
Another factor is route. In the years before my mother died, I’d run up to Cabot for an overnight stay. That’s about a 170 mile, 2–1/2-hour trip up I-30 from Texarkana. But if I’m going to be on the interstate, I’d just as soon be in the car. The whole point of the bike is to enjoy a leisurely ride over a scenic route.
My wife and I did make the trip on the bike a couple of times, following U.S. Highway 67 up as far as Benton. That’s a beautiful ride we thoroughly enjoyed, but it took almost 5-1/2 hours one way. (Ride report and photos here.) The main point of that trip was the ride. We just happened to visit somebody while on the ride instead of riding the bike to visit somebody. It may sound like semantics, but it’s actually an important distinction.
I just need my friends and relatives to move to locations that are more convenient for motorcycling.

— Guy Wheatley

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  1. Willie TKana Says:

    Some of us, dont need a disposable razor..hmmm. The last time I looked, you didn’t either.
    Talking about packing for two-up on our Motorcycles, well my Darlin uses 75% of our storage packs, and bags, I get by on the 25% left….heheh…
    Part of the fun on the bike trip, is the packing, to us. I like it when we can pack all we actualy need of our stuff, and mount up, and head out.. Kinda reminds me of the Old Cowboys, riding the trails, with their saddle bags, and bedroll.
    I always take extra tie-downs of all sizes, one never knows, along the ride, what might need to be tied down more securely, or a pardner needs a tie-down!!


  2. c pope Says:

    can anyone tell me a place to park a trailor in hot springs for a day rida

  3. Guy Wheatley Says:

    At one time you could pull intp Gulpha Gorge Campground for the day. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been there, so it’s possible they may have initiated so sort of day use fee.
    Gulpha Gorge is on U.S. 70 (Business) in the National Park Area in Hot Springs. You’d only be 10 minutes from down town Hot Springs in one direction, and 10 minutes for some great riding in the other direction.

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