Riding two up

Taking a break at a road-side park.

Taking a break at a road-side park.

The weather is warming up and the road is calling. It’s time to start planning weekend trips to some of the festivals in the area. Weekend rides are different from my daily commute in one important aspect. Most of my weekend riding is two up with my wife, and that changes the dynamic in more ways than just weight distribution on the bike.
Most of the time when I’m on my own, the bike is just the mode of transportation I’ve chosen. Even though I thoroughly intend to enjoy the commute, there will be an event or destination that was the impetus for the trip. The weekend, two-up trips are as much about the ride as they are about any particular place we’re going. We’re usually not on a schedule so we can hit the road whenever we get around to it. We’re also likely to take a more leisurely route.
Since we’re not in a hurry to get there, where ever “there” may be, we’ll take soft drinks and snacks along. If we get a little tired, or just see a pretty spot, we’ll pull over and take a break. This is not the riding that gets your heart pounding. This is riding that lowers you blood pressure.
With the saddle bags and T-bag, we’ve got a good amount of storage, but we can’t load the bike up too much. We might need some room once we get where we’re going. There are vendors at these little summer festivals, and we’ve got to leave room for some of their wares. One of the disadvantages of going on the bike is that you’re limited in how much you can haul back home. Or wait! Maybe that’s actually and advantage.
Other than spending time with the grandkids, I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing than riding with my wife on the seat behind me. It’s funny how adding a rider makes the bike lighter.

— Guy Wheatley

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