It was a long winter

Stopped at Burge's

A frequent stop on our rides in southwest Arkansas is Burge’s

We took a short ride last weekend. It was shorter than we intended for it to be. This was the first really nice weekend this year and we were determined to get out on the road. I mapped out about a 170-mile circuitous route that I figured would take about 4-1/2 hours at the snail’s pace I intended to go. We’d head up to Ashdown, over to Hope, then south to Lewisville. We’d stop there for ice cream and fried pies at Burge’s then keep heading south until we ran into Louisiana Highway 2. A quick jaunt west on LA-2 would bring us back into Arkansas where we’d pick Highway 71 north for the final run back into Texarkana. That was the plan.
One advantage of running a circle around town is that if I need to get back home, I’m never more than about an hour away. We’ve got new people at work and I wanted to be close enough to get back if something came up that they didn’t have the experience to handle. Work wasn’t what cut the ride short, though.
About 58 miles into our ride the fact that we hadn’t been on the bike much since last fall began to assert itself. Muscles in my neck and shoulder started locking up and tried to pull my head to the middle of my back. My beautiful passenger wasn’t fairing much better. We were riding my ’94 Honda Magna. Despite my attempt to drive like an adult, Maggie has a tendency to be a little sporty pulling away from a stop. I could hear the missus grunt a little louder each time I rolled on the throttle. By the time we rolled into Hope, the ride had stopped being fun and was simply an endurance contest.
The other couple riding with us assured us they were also tired and ready to head for home. It’s possible, but I really think they were just trying to make us feel better. Whatever the reason, they followed us back to Texarkana.
I was surprised by how out of shape I was. The wife and I were both sore and stiff the next day. I’ve been riding the bike for most of what passes for winter here in East Texas. But looking back now I realize that these were short hops. From home to work is barely nine blocks. A run to the store or Bike Night is only a few miles. These little rides weren’t long enough to maintain my endurance. Hmmmm. That may help explain the extra 15 pounds I’m carrying around since last summer.
The weather is getting warmer and I’m hoping for some sunny weekends. By June I’ll be ready for 500 miles, weigh 15 pounds less and have some color on my cheeks.

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