To ride or not to ride

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There is more than one way for a motorcycle to travel.

Riding boots or dress shoes

There are several events this summer that will require many of the participants to travel some distance to attend. The forums are buzzing as attendees anticipate the fun to come. As people begin to coordinate their plans, invariably the question arises of whether you’re going to ride or trailer your bike.
For some, there is no question. I’m surprised at the number of bikers who see trailering as a shameful option. “If I can’t ride it, I just won’t go,” some say. There is something to be said for riding your bike 500+ miles to an event, and the organizers will usually acknowledge the participant who rode the farthest. But holding another biker who elects to trailer their motorcycle in disdain is taking it a little far and often misinformed.
I know one rider who hoped on his GL1000 and took off for Colorado back in the late 70s. That’s a 2000 mile round trip in the days before windshields and saddle bags. He and his wife still routinely log 300 to 400 miles on a Saturday day run. He’s put well over 100,000 miles on various motorcycles in is time. He’s going to trailer his bike to an event this summer.
I’ve ridden with him and his wife. Like me and my wife, they prefer small winding roads. When I asked him about trailering his bike, he said, “It straight down the Interstate to the meet. Why do I want to ride my motorcycle on the Interstate, and through Dallas? I just want to ride the fun roads in the Hill Country. If I take the trailer we’ll have room for more gear and be comfortable while we’re there.”
This guy rides for the enjoyment of it. I don’t think he’s ever put a mile on his bike as part of an endurance test. If it’s not enjoyable, he doesn’t go. If he thinks conditions aren’t right, he doesn’t go. If he’d rather be doing something else, he doesn’t go. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody who enjoys a motorcycle as much as he does.
I’ll ride to some events, but I’ll stick my bike on the trailer in a heart beat.

— Guy Wheatley

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  1. Willie T. Kana Says:

    I’ve read that some Bikers would haul their motorCycle to within 3-t0-400 miles (maybe even closer) to South Dekota, in the area of Sturgis…and unload, store the trailer, and Ride like the wind on in to Sturgess, like nobodys business….
    (I think that is so funny)
    However, that was years ago, now-a-days, some Riders seem to be as proud of their enclosed, fancy Bike Trailers, wanting others to ‘oooh and ahh’ over thier trailers as welL…!
    In the last few years at some of the larger Bike Shows,there are many Vendors there, to show off their Bike Trailers..and some of them even have nice sleeping quarters, like some of the fancy Horse Trailers.

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