Victory 92TC Deluxe cross-over pipe

My Victory 92TC deluxe and it’s detached cross-over pipe.

Even though I ride through most of the winter, the riding usually picks up when the weather starts to warm up. The guys I keep up with on the forums who live in colder climates start to roll out their bikes, and the Internet is alive with summer maintenance chatter. This is the time of year when I think more about maintenance on my bikes.
The Magna that I usually ride around town was giving me problems, so I decided to ride the larger Victory for a few days. As I made a corner just a few blocks from my house, the cross-over pipe on my muffler system fell off. In an unusual coincidence, I’d lost that same part at that exact spot a couple of years ago. The good thing about having a straight pipe coming right off the exhaust port on my cylinder head is that nobody could hear the verbose genealogical and theological speculations in which I was engaged. I limped noisily back home. Glancing at the garage full of unrideable motorcycles, I hopped in the pickup and went to work.
Lamenting my woes on the forums brought several responses. One member suggested that my problems was a faulty muffler bearing. Knowing that several of my bikes are Japanese brands, he cautioned me about using a metric crescent wrench on an American motorcycle.
I’ll head out to the parts store this afternoon for a new muffler bearing and a SAE crescent wrench so that I can put the pipe back on this weekend. Maybe I’d better pick up some blinker fluid while I’m at it.

— Guy Wheatley

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