No I won’t take a chicken for it.

2002 92TC Deluxe

My 2002 Victory 92TC Deluxe

I recently bought another bike. That makes four of them sitting in my carport. One of those belong to my son, and is only here until we can replace a wiring harness, so I don’t feel too bad about it. Another is the VF750 Magna that isn’t going anywhere. It’s the other bike I plan to keep. With half the displacement of the Valkyrie, it’s still my fun little bust-around-town bike. It’s also nice to have when my son comes home. We’ll both have a bike to ride.
The last bike in the stable is the Big Victory Touring Cruiser I bought a few years ago. It was the first big bike my wife and I got for long-distance, extended rides. We’ve taken it on several overnight and multinight trips. It has done us proud, being reliable and comfortable for long distance.
But the flat-6 howl of a Valkyrie has been whispering in my dreams and fantasies. When I got the opportunity to pick up an especially pretty one for a good price I couldn’t pass it up, so now I need to get rid of the Victory.
You wouldn’t think that would pose much of a problem. This bike is a 2002 Deluxe Touring Cruiser with slightly more than 18,000 miles on it. I’ve priced it at the bottom of the market and fully expected it to move in a week. Goodness knows I’ve had a lot of people ask about it. But most of them either couldn’t get financing, or wanted to trade. I’ve been offered swaps for several pickup trucks, other motorcycles and a tractor. I don’t mean a garden tractor. I’m talking about a recently rebuilt Ford 3600 with a box blade. Does nobody deal in cash anymore? I guess nobody has any. My yard is so small, I don’t even have a gas push mower. I use a reel mower. I certainly don’t need a tractor.
I started checking with my friends to see whether one of them needed a tractor. Maybe they could buy the bike from me and trade it for the tractor in sort of a three-way deal. Wow. Is this what it was like before money in a trade-and-barter society? I remember hearing about doctors in the 1940s making house calls and being paid in chickens.
I just want to sell the Victory so I can pay off the bank for the Valkyrie. I wonder if the bank needs any chickens, or a tractor.

— Guy Wheatley

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    Thinking. It’s always the same thing. To think is to go insane.

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