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Billy the biker.

I met Billy the biker at the 2008 Hot Springs Open Rally.

Somebody posted a question on the Wild Ride forum. The rider was approached by somebody who asked if he respected the law, and if he was a member of a biker gang. Answering “yes” to the first question and “no” to the second, the rider was then informed that he wasn’t a “biker.” His question to the forum was, “What makes you a biker?”
I asked for permission to post some of the responses. Several responses have been edited for language, spelling and grammar:

Question: Are you a biker?

Tuff call on this one. I guess it depends on what you think you are. I have ridden all over the US. Also, Korea and Europe. I started on a Mini Bike at age 12. I paid 25 dollars for it and had to reach between my legs to work the gas. I consider myself a bike rider. No colors and good friends. Just my thoughts.

2 questions…
1, Why do you care if you’re a biker or not ?
2, Why do you care how someone perceives you?
What should matter is how you see yourself and how your family sees you…  A husband …. A dad, the rest is just unimportant.

Roadranger you hit it on the head. I ride to please myself and no one else. I ride with friends sometimes but on long trips I actually prefer to ride with just me and my wife who is my best friend. That is when I really feel free. I stop when I want to stop, go when I want to go and I wait on no one.

Well, the way I see it if the guy who asked you that thinks you have to be a outlaw club member to be a Biker, then he is a (expletive deleted.) and you don’t want his opinion anyway. I have been told that I was not a biker because I don’t ride a H D. When I was younger I would try to talk to them, now I ask where their bike is, and what kind of miles do they put on it. That’s when I can laugh and walk away. I agree with Roadranger and Bikerdude, If you are a biker then you don’t care what a cager or a rub thinks. And a biker will not ask if you are, they will know.

You are all right! If a person has to ask, they wouldn’t know anyway. Just got back from Deals Gap on a little 4 day vacation. Saw every kind of rider you could see. Little old ladies, 30 somethings, middle aged, old aged, youngsters, oldsters, everyone in between. Goldwings, Harleys, trikes, Spyders, dual sports, scooters, old bikes, new bikes, in-between bikes. Some rode in, some came on trailers. (yuk) Everyone was there to have fun their own way. I rode out and back. Put almost 2,000 miles on in those 4 days. Stopped and checked on a couple of riders on the side of the road. Held the door open for the ladies at every business we stopped at. Wore my vest and Wild Ride patch all the time. No one ever asked me if I was a biker. And yes, after 2,000 miles in 4 days, my rear end was sore! I still don’t know the answer to your question. Just keep ridin’!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read all the posts and you are all right. I have ridden outlaw, and partied, I have been to CMA rallies. State leader for GWRRA. I believe that a biker is someone that enjoys his ride (2 or 3 wheels ) and rides heck out of it, not fast and crazy. I was asked this week if I was trying to break my rear. Because I have been to Kansas 2 times this summer and will be going again in a few weeks. Each trip puts about 3000 to 3500 miles on my bike. This is my only riding. I go for day trips of 150-200 miles just to see where a town is or for coffee, so I think of my self as a biker. My friend down the road puts about 1000 miles a YEAR on his. He is a biker, miles, parties, and all that don’t make a biker. Someone said if you are there for those that need you and you enjoy the ride YOU ARE A BIKER. As far as type of bike you ride, wouldn’t it be a dull world if I couldn’t pick on the H-D riders about their bikes, and them call mine a rice burner.

That is why the answer to the question, “are you a biker” is definitely not question coming from someone who knows. I say, who cares!!! Put your rumpo in the saddle of a HD or Yamaha, Honda, BMW, crotch rocket … whatever and put your worries behind you!

Does my Schwinn count?
Who gives a rat’s rear end, call me a Alien from Pluto for all I care.
I ride because I like to. I lend a hand to people (biker or not) because that is who I am and how I was raised.
Labels on your tank or shirt do not make you a “biker”.
If you’re in the wind on any kind of bike and we pass, wave back and ride on in peace …

Too funny! I was at “bike night” at my local bar last Wednesday. Bunch of bikes there. I was tired and took my truck. A newby asked me why I didn’t ride my bike down. I said “Well if I get my bike out, I don’t need to ride it a mile to the bar to prove I’m a biker, I’m gonna get it out and ride 250 miles to a bar!” Enough said …

- Guy Wheatley

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  1. chickenleg Says:

    I ride a harley but i dont wear colors though most of my friends wear colors they dont consider me any less a biker than they are im just not commited to a club.the colors dont make you a biker no matter some little want to be tough guys would like to think it jusf makes you a member of a club.

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