The leaves have turned

Hwy 71 south od De Queen

Hwy 71, just south of De Queen Arkansas on a 2008 fall ride.

As summer came to a close this year, I again swore that I’d make the Talimena run as the leaves changed. As I’ve done so many years in the past, I missed it. We made one run in early October, but that was before the colorful display. Now I sit here, looking at nearly bare trees and wonder how it has happened yet again.
The optimal weekends would have been sometime during the first three weekends of November. The first weekend of November was dedicated to some nonoptional house repair. The balcony was threatening to fall off the front of the house, so I spent that weekend replacing a support column. It rained buckets the second weekend, and we had a class reunion scheduled for the third weekend. And just like that, the color run of 2010 was gone.
So the bikes sit in my carport with only an occasional ride to the store or to work. And that’s the best I can hope for the rest of the year. The holidays mean weekends are all spoken for with visits to or from the kids. Even if we do actually get a weekend at home by ourselves, we will need it for packing, wrapping and mailing gifts. Once we get past the holidays and into the new year, we’ll be able to leather up and ride on weekends it’s not raining or icy.
It’s strange how my life allows me to ride in the heat of summer and the cold of winter, but insists I miss the prettiest time of year. Fall has always been the time I most enjoy being outdoors. When I fantasize about the perfect ride, it’s always down a peaceful winding road, littered with fall leaves.
Well, by golly, I’ll make it for sure next year!

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