The weather outside is frightful


A light snow blew in and dusted everything in the carport.

I built a carport a couple of years ago. Despite firm proclamations and assertions that this edifice would be used to keep our automobiles protected from the elements, my wife’s car , my pickup and the Tahoe all sit under a cap of snow in the driveway.
The tools and benches that should be in the garage I’ve haven’t built yet take up one side of the carport, and a bar table, chairs, and swing that my wife insisted on putting out there line the opposite wall. There would be room to squeeze in one car, but I don’t think you could get the doors open to get in or out of it. On the plus side, there is enough room to get the bikes under it and still have a little room to work.
Because the carport sits in the only access to the back yard from the front, I built it tall enough to pull the camper through. I haven’t put doors on it yet. They will be 13 feet tall, and will have to swing out of the way so that I can pull straight through. I have openings then at both ends, 13 feet tall and 14 feet wide. That’s easily large enough for snow to drift all the way to the back. I can pretty well keeps things dry from the rain, but the snow was a different story. I’ve got a light dusting of it on top of every thing in the garage. Fortunately, I had covers on the bikes, so they stayed dry.
Too cold and nasty to ride, this would be a perfect time to get in some serious bike maintenance. Unfortunately, I’ll have to shovel the snow out of the carport first. Also, there is no way to heat a space that large and open at both ends, so for this winter I may be dry, but I will be cold as I work.
I want to ride this summer, but I need to work on the bikes first. To work on the bikes, I need a place to work. I need to knock down the useless old tool shed in the back yard and build a nice heated garage. But it’s too cold for that now, so I’ll have to do it this summer, when I’d like to be riding.
It feels like not eating my cake, but still not having it

- Guy Wheatley

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