Czech out this V6 bike

FGR 2500 V6 motorcycle engine running on a test platform

A new V6 motorcycle is coming from the Czech Republic. Faster and Faster reports on the FGR Midalu 2500 motorcycle as weighing roughly 600 pounds and producing 240 hp. While the bike is not for sale yet, it seems to be past the concept stage. Youtube video shows the engine mounted to a frame, with gearbox and rear wheel attached. The Faster and Faster article has images of a completed bike, but these may be CGI or a mockup.
As with the V4 from Motus, this bike is primarily a sport bike. While I’m fascinated by the engine, I just can’t get my head around putting it in a 600- pound frame. One guy on a biking board commented that they’d need a special back tire to keep from shredding to pieces when the rider opened the throttle. With the chain used in the engine test and in the mockups, I don’t think the tire would have time to disintegrate because there would be chain links splattered all over the place.
Let’s do a little comparison here. The Bugatti Veyron also requires special tires. They can only be mounted at a special place in France and will cost you a sweet $70,000 per set. That is because the Veyron pours such punishing energy into the tires that they were purpose built to aircraft standards specifically for the Veyron. At roughly 4,477 pounds, and producing right at 1000 hp, the car has a power to weight ratio of approximately 447 bhp per ton. That horsepower is transferred to the ground by two 14.5-inch wide tires creating a contact patch 29 inches wide.
The roughly 600 -pound FGR producing 240 hp will have an insane 800 bhp per ton. Assuming a commercially available tire, it will pour that power into a contact patch that is less than 7 inches wide. I just don’t understand that much power in a light sport bike. I don’t see how physics will allow all of it to be converted into acceleration. And at top speed, you’ll probably have to take relativity and the possibility of time travel into consideration.
Maybe the test pilot can go back to the start of the project and suggest putting that monster power plant into a heavy cruiser. I know some Valkyrie riders who would take a serious look at a bike like that. We love our Valkyries and Rocket IIIs, but we don’t expect them to hang with Hayabusas. With 240 horses, they might.

- Guy Wheatley

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  1. Bill Ferguson Says:

    To much 4 me.But would like to see it run the 1/4 mile

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