I wonder where that road goes.


What looks like a rural road is actually south State line Ave, inside the city
limits and just a couple of miles from my house.

It was a beautiful day, but we had chores to do. I decided that I could at least make the quick runs to the store on the bike. My wife loaded up behind me and we hit the streets.
Heading home on the last run, we decided to take a short ride. It couldn’t be very long, and I didn’t want to get very far from home, so where to go?
I remembered seeing a couple of roads on previous trip as I headed out of town.
“I wonder where that goes?” I remember thinking. Well, today was the day I was going to find out.
The road in question was on the edge of town and ran parallel with the city limits. Leading off it were other roads that also beckoned with narrow shadowy lanes. We explored some of them that day also. Others await another day.
These roads were fun in that they were unpredictable. They might pass through affluent neighborhoods for a while, then dive through a rural area. Some sections were well maintained while others narrowed to almost a single lane filled with cracks and potholes.
And I was rarely sure what lay ahead. I didn’t know if the road was going to suddenly turn to gravel, dead end or meet with another road. Often, as I was preparing to turn around, the road would suddenly widen and smooth out as it entered a more prosperous area.
We rode for an hour-and-a-half, but barely put 30 miles on the bike. Most of the time we were doing 25 miles-per-hour or less. We climbed hills and dove through woods. We passed in front of mansions with private ponds, and shacks with so little paint I couldn’t say what color they had been. And all of this time, we were no more than 10 miles from our front door.
This adventure took place in the southeast corner of Texarkana. I’m not sure how much of it was inside the city limits and how much was out. But it was all close to home. There are still some roads out there to explore. Once they all become familiar, we’ve got three other quadrants waiting for us.
Not all rides have to be long.

- Guy Wheatley

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  1. Jack Says:

    Those mystery rides are the best!

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