Don’t get crazy.

Farm to Market road 51

Farm to Market Road 51 near Glen Rose Texas. The segment between
FM 205 and US 67 offers 6 miles of motorcycle heaven.

I didn’t get to ride anywhere near as much as I had hoped to. I hoped for at least a full day dedicated to exploring Farm to Market roads during this trip. I got less than a full morning. But oh what a morning.
I just didn’t have any energy. Everything took longer and I just had to drive myself to get moving.
As a result, we were a day late getting on the road. Once we did, I still couldn’t seem to get things moving at a decent pace. I would eventually discover that I had an infection that was dragging me down, and sapping my strength and energy. But on this one glorious morning, I felt full of life.
Our daughter and the grandkids were meeting us that afternoon at the campground. We were going to run into town that morning for a little exploration, and to pick up a few supplies. Going south on Park Road 59, I should have taken a left at FM 205. But on a wild hair, I turned right. I was just looking for promising roads as I made what I thought would be an extended loop back to Glen Rose. I ran west on 205 for about 6 miles until it merged with FM 51 in a T intersection. This road was smaller, more winding, and threaded its way around, and occasionally over more hills.
As soon as I turned onto it, I saw a warning sign with the squiggled arrow and advising 30mph. With the wife on the back and having not seen the road before, I didn’t fudge the posted warning speed by much. Leaving the first set of curves, I could already see the next sign for the next set of curves.
By the third or fourth repetition of this pattern, I must have been literally squealing with delight. I felt my wife’s fingers dig into my kidneys as she growled the warning, “All right now. Don’t get crazy!”
I did my best to not get crazy for the next 5 miles until we hit Highway 67 again. Another left turn had me heading back toward Glen Rose. As I approached the intersection with FM 205 on the north side of the road, I noticed that a paved road continued in the same direction on the south side. A sign read, “Down Town Glen Rose.” I hit my right blinker and followed it south along the Paluxy River into Glen Rose.
Glen Rose is a charming little town of about 2000 people. It has a distinctly “Mayberry,” feel. We found a couple of antique shops, but I was surprised and disappointed to discover them closed mid-morning on a Tuesday. I’m sure that saved me some money.
The few roads I saw this trip were not the Tail of the Dragon, or the Talimena run, but they were certainly enjoyable. The thing that catches my imagination about this area is that it covers hundreds, if not thousands, of square miles of these roads. And the map shows a spider web of county roads, many of which I know are paved. How many sets of tires could a rider wear out before hitting the same road twice?
I need to get back down there and hit at least a few more of them.

- Guy Wheatley

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