Nissan ad is a complete wreck

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The Juke Trophy video has been removed from youtube, obstensively for
copyright reasons. Public reaction is a more likely factor.

Nissan used to make really good commercials. I remember the days when zipping through the commercial break of a recorded program, I’d go back to watch a Nissan ad. My two favorites were where G. I. Joe steals Barbie from Ken and the one where the flock of pigeons try to soil a freshly washed Nissan car. But that was many years ago. Their ads must be quite forgettable since that time as I can’t recall one. I’m sure I’ve seen them, but they just haven’t had any impact on me. Now however, they gone from forgettable to offensive. In the annals of all time, ill-conceived ad campaigns, the new ad for the Juke, airing in Canada, will surely go right up there with “New Coke.”
The CGI ad has a woman enter a parking garage, only to be accosted by predators on sport bikes. She is rescued as a Juke roars onto the scene and begins to chase down and run over the bikes. As the last bike is destroyed, we see that the Juke’s center console is modeled after a motorcycle gas tank and is supposedly a trophy.
Even getting past the ridiculous idea of the pathetic little car that couldn’t outrun a school bus is chasing down 200 mph sport bikes, we’re left wondering exactly what message Nissan is trying to convey. That it’s OK to run over motorcycles? That motorcycle riders are bad people? That Nissan doesn’t like motorcycles or motorcycle riders? It just makes me wonder if their cars are now as bad as their commercials. I owned a Nissan years ago, and was very pleased with it. Come to think of it, it was during the time of the good commercials.
My four-wheeled vehicles are all GM products now. My bikes are both from Honda. I don’t see a Nissan in my garage any time in the near future. Certainly not a Juke. And watching that commercial just reinforces that conviction.

- Guy Wheatley

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