Going off line for a while

This was supposed to my personal blog. It is hosted by the Texarkana Gazette, which holds all rights to the content. But it was non-the-less the opinions and observations of a single person.
Unfortunately, after the surgery I haven’t been very motivated. Both of my bikes need maintenance that I’m only now feeling well enough to start. But the cold and dreary weather that I once took pride in defying, now keeps me inside. I just haven’t felt like much of a motorcycle enthusiasts recently. I’ve only ridden a few miles since November, and only fire the bikes up to keep the carbs from gumming up. I just don’t have anything to write about, nor do I feel a pressing urge to express an opinion or share an epiphany as I once did. As a result, I’m asking to Gazette to take down the link to the blog. It should be gone some time today. The blog will still be here for those who have it bookmarked, but there won’t be any additional content for a while.
Hopefully as summer comes on I’ll recapture the excitement and enthusiasm of the past, and again feel like sharing my thoughts online. But for now, I’d rather pull the blog than let it stagnate or fill it with desperate drivel.

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  1. JACK Says:

    Hope you get back up and around soon. I will miss your column. Hope to see you this summer in Eureka Springs for InZane 12.

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