Making Progress

Progressive Springs for the Magna.” width=

Progressive springs for the Magna.

With both bikes in need of some TLC and the gloomy weather, I’d despaired of ever riding again. I’d taken the Magna to Wally World a couple of times, but with the front end diving so badly I didn’t want to push my luck with a real ride. I can’t ride the Valkyrie because it needs rear breaks.
I’ve got the brake pads for the Valkyrie. What I didn’t have was the gumption to get out there and put them on. Maggie needs an oil change in the engine and the front forks. I’ve got the filter, and both types of oil. The only ingredient I’m lacking is the same one I’m lacking for Val.
Monday morning as I left for work, the weather wasn’t gorgeous, but it was tempting. At noon, I parked the truck, dug Maggie out from under her winter blanket, and rode her to work. The weather has gotten better almost every day and I find that the bike between my legs and the wind in my face is wonderfully invigorating. My last pre-surgery ride was barely four months ago, but it almost seems like a different lifetime. It’s as though the surgery removed my passion for the bikes along with the disease.
These last few days have brought back the memory of those rides. They’ve also brought back my desire to work on and ride my beloved bikes. I’ve even gotten enough excitement to fall back into the old “might as well” trap. While I’ve got the fork caps off Maggie to replace the fork oil, I “might as well” replace the stock springs with progressive springs to improve her handling.
The weather should still be mild this weekend, and I find myself with a dilemma I haven’t faced since before my trip to the hospital. Work on the bikes or ride them? It’s a great dilemma to have, and proof positive that I’m making progress.

- Guy Wheatley

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