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Actor Kim Coats wearing a Sons of Anarchy cut.

I did a blog a while back in which I ragged on FOX’s “Son’s of Anarchy.” (Blog – Sons of Anarchy) It wasn’t so much the show that I had trouble with, but the idea the viewing public seems to aspire to the idea of an outlaw biker. My complaint is with a generation that looks up to the 1 percenter life style.
But as fans of the show will notice from the title, I’ve obviously changed my position some. Since that blog was written, my son came home for a visit with three season of SOA on DVD. He tried all during his visit to get me to sit down a watch a couple of episodes with him. Finally on his last day, I let him pop in Season 1 and the wife and I got our first exposure to this cultural phenomena.
He left the next day, without his DVDs. He started this, so by golly he can just pick them up on his next visit. We went through three seasons in little more than a week. We’d be sitting, bleary eyed in the living room at 1:30 am convincing ourselves that we had time for one more episode. It was the Sopranos all over again. We were hopelessly hooked on a show I was a little ashamed of watching. But you’ve got to admit Ron Perlman just looks like he’d be the leader of a motorcycle gang. And darn it, Jax is really trying to do the right thing. And his girlfriend is a doctor. You get the idea. None of my high minded ideas about responsible viewing lasted through the first episode. So toss me in the basket with the other trillion or so SOA fans. We watched season 4 as it aired with the rest of America.
And now, they are getting into merchandising. There will be hats, shirts, stationery and other bric-a-brac. But the real kicker will be the 100 SOA Harley Davidson motorcycles. It is my understanding there will only be 100 of them, set to sell for $25,000 apiece. I’m curious about how that will work. First come, first served? There may be some throw-downs at some dealerships. I’m guessing at auction these bikes (if truly limited) would go for between $50,000 and $100,000. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go for more. Another show I watch is called “Hollywood Treasures.” I’m frequently amazed at what people will pay for memorabilia from a TV show or movie they like. And a whole lot of people really like “Sons of Anarchy.” Guess I’m one of them now. Will season 5 EVER get here?

- Guy Wheatley

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