Nov 1

Title: Brandy Brown Memorial Birthday Benefit Bash
Location: Randy & Debbie Greene’s (Skynny Randy’s) 2028 Tibbit Trail Texarkana, AR
Link out: Click here
Description: Food (donations accepted)
Poker Run
50/50 draw down
Date: 210-11-06

Heath Greene Motorcycle Awareness Foundation address is 2028 Tibbit Trail Texarkana, Ar. Rondo community 82 E from Texarkana turn left on 237 right @ Rondo Methodist 8/10 mi. right on Tibbit Trail rock house on left will be signs day of event

Apr 23
The last ride
icon1 Guy | icon2 The Last Ride | icon4 04 23rd, 2009| icon33 Comments »

There seems to be a rash of motorcycle accidents lately. Two fatalities were reported in the Texarkana Gazette. A third death is reported in the Daily Tribune from Morris County. In the two wrecks reported in the Gazette, it appears that the bikers had very little opportunity to avoid the crash.
Many non-riders are quick to tell us how dangerous motorcycles are. There are some added dangers, being on two wheels and not surrounded by metal. Are we taking foolish risks with our lives by riding? Of course not. Recreational activities are often more dangerous than sitting at home reading a book. Consider hunting, swimming, water or snow skiing, or any other physically demanding sport. Nothing worth doing is 100% risk free. With reasonable precautions, the rewards are well worth the risks.
I hope that if I’m called home earlier than expected, that my friends will go on the rides we used to take and take me with them in their thoughts and memories. I hope they go to some of the places where I did something silly, or had a little accident where nothing was hurt, and have a good laugh. And I hope they’re only a little sad, knowing that they made my life richer and that I loved them as much as they loved me. And I’ll be waiting for them on roads they haven’t ridden, with a bike gassed up and ready.

— Guy Wheatley