“Boggy Creek” Movie – A Visit to the Set

On Wednesday last week Gazette photographer Evan Lewis and I traveled down to Jefferson, Texas, to see what was happening on the set of “Boggy Creek,” the non-remake of the Charles B. Pierce cult favorite “The Legend of Boggy Creek.” The movie—directed by East Texas native Brian T. Jaynes—is an update on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Fouke monster theme: Shaggy, hairy creatures terrorizes people. It’s inspired in some ways by the original but has a very different plot, following five college-aged kids as they face the monster. Jaynes says this monster and movie is different than the Pierce film, and the creature is based more on Caddo Indian mythology and lore than the previous film’s scary creature.

We got to see the monster in person, and this creature is pretty impressive. I’d be scared if I saw him in the dead of night running at me through the swamp, fog, and Spanish moss. Creature effects specialists Phil and Melissa Nichols (who hail from Houston and have worked on a number of Hollywood films) crafted a monster that certainly blends in with the elements. Unlike a lot of such creatures portrayed in the movies, he is also, to put it succinctly, anatomically correct in appearance. I must admit that made the interview with the main monster actor in costume a little odd. There’s also more than one monster in the movie, said the director.

Much of the time while being on a film set it feels like a “hurry up and wait” experience as the shot gets set up. They were filming this day in the bayou woods at the edge of Jefferson, which has a suitably mysterious ambiance. It was a scene of the monster running through the trees. Later, the two lead actresses were going to be chased, and this scene involved a swim across the fictional Boggy Creek.

It was a fun experience, and it’s certainly not every day there’s a film being shot within driving distance of Texarkana. We should have the story out soon, most likely on the Oct. 11 Sunday Accent page this upcoming weekend.

- Aaron Brand

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