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EDITOR’S NOTE: Corrections or additions to the following information should be directed to Louie Avery at (903) 794-3318, 1-800-513-4229 or email: tgazlavery@yahoo.com or lavery@texarkanagazette.com.

LOCATION: Texarkana, Ark.; PAR: 9 holes, 35: YARDAGE: 2,606; GREENS FEE: $12.10 (nine holes), $17.60 (18 holes); CARTS: $6.67 (nine holes), $12.21(18 holes); MANAGER: Chris Coole; PHONE: (870) 773-6154; Memberships available.

LOCATION: Texarkana, Texas; PAR: 18 holes, 35-36-71; YARDAGE: 6,471; GUEST FEE: $40 on weekdays, $40 on weekends ($50 out of town guests); CARTS: $28 (18 holes); PRO: Tony Smith; PHONE (903) 792-9331; Memberships available.
2011 Tournament Schedule
May 16 Arkansas Childrens Hospital Benefit
May 19 MGA Scramble (guests allowed)
May 21 WGA Member/Guest
May 28-30 Memorial Day Tournament
June 11 One Lady Scramble
June 13 NAIFA Tournament (United Way)
June 16 Ark-La-Tex Junior Tour
June 16 MGA Scramble
June 25-26 Men’s Senior Club Championship (stroke)
July 4 Beat the Pro
July 16-17 Orange Ball Tournament
July 21 MGA Scramble (members only)
Aug. 13 Pendleys Revenge
Aug. 18 MGA Scramble (members only)
Sept. 22 MGA Scramble (members only)
Sept. 24-25 Member/Guest
Oct. 1-2 WGA Club Championship
Oct. 3 Chamber of Commerce
Oct. 11 Ark-La-Tex Ladies
Oct. 13 Cement Convention Outing
Oct. 20 MGA Scramble (guests allowed)
Oct. 25 East Texas Ladies
Oct. 29 Couples Scramble/Halloween party

LOCATION:  Texarkana, Ark.; PAR: 18 holes, 35-36-71; YARDAGE: 5,872; GREENS FEE: $21 for 9 holes and cart on weekdays, $32 for 18 holes and cart on weekday; $37 for  18 holes and cart on weekends and holidays;  COURSE MANAGER: Joey Baumann; PHONE: (870) 774-5771; Memberships open; Senior memberships available.

LOCATION: Texarkana, Ark.; PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,588; GUEST FEE: $40 plus tax (must play with member); CARTS: $28 plus tax for 18 holes; PRO: Art Romero; PHONE: (870) 774-9531; Memberships available.
2011 Tournament Schedule
April 24-26 Conference USA Championships
April 27 WGA Member-Guest
May 11 MGA Scramble
May 15 WGA Filly
May 19 St. Michael’s Foundation
June 3-5 Four States Invitational
June 8 WGA Member-Guest
June 9 MGA Scramble
June 9 Ark-La-Tex Junior
June 17 PGA Junior Tour
July 9 TGA City Championship
July 14 MGA Scramble
July 26-28 ASGA State Junior Stroke
Aug. 11 MGA Scramble
Aug. 19-21 Club Championship
Sept. 8 MGA Scramble
Sept. 9-11 Senior Club Championship
Sept. 12 Opportunities Inc
Sept. 14-15 WGA Twice as Nice
Sept. 19 E-Z Mart
Sept. 27-29 WGA Club Championship
Oct. 6 MGA Scramble
Oct 8-9 WGA Couples
Oct. 12 WGA Ark-La-Tex Playday
Oct. 14-15 Texas High Classic
Oct. 26 WGA Senior Club Championships
Nov. 5 Hardest Day of Golf

LOCATION: Texarkana, Texas; PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 7,359; GREENS FEE: $30 plus tax (Monday through Thursday), $35 (weekends and holidays); CARTS: $13.75 plus tax for 18 holes: DIRECTOR OF GOLF: Nancy Fuqua; PHONE: (903) 334-7401; Memberships available.
2011 Tournament Schedule
May 6 FCI Scramble
May 7 King Arthur James Scramble
May 9 Arkansas Childrens Hospital Scramble
May 13 Texas A&M-Texarkana Scramble
May 14 Grace Fort Gouldsby Scholarship tournament
May 21 Trinity Baptist Church Scramble
June 4 First Baptist Church Scramble
June 6 East Texas Senior Golf Association
June 10 Toy Bradshaw Scholarship tournament
June 17 American Cancer Society tournament
June 18 Liberty-Eylau Coaches & Alumni Scramble
June 21 KLIF tournament
June 23 Ark-La-Tex Junior Tour
July 10 TGA City Championship
July 15 Texas High Class of ‘81 Scramble
July 29 PG Booster Club Hawkeye Classic
Aug. 2 AMPA Scramble
Sept. 10 Arkansas Children’s Hospital Scramble
Sept. 13 Homebuilders Association Scramble
Sept. 24 Liberty-Eylau Education Foundation Scramble
Nov. 5 PG Parent/Child

LOCATION: Daingerfield, Texas; PAR: 9 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE; 5,527; GREENS FEE: $16.24, weekdays: $27.06 weekends and holidays; CARTS: $16.24 for 18 holes; CLUB MANAGER: Ann Lovelady; PHONE: (903) 645-2976; Memberships available.

LOCATION: TexAmerica Center, New Boston, Texas; PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,920; GREENS FEE: $18.50, Monday through Thursday; $23.40, Friday through Sunday and  holidays; CARTS: $11.50 per individual for 18 holes; CLUB MANAGER: Kim Lascano; PGA INTERN: Chase Johnson; OWNER: Jeff Prieskorn; PHONE: (903) 223-8402; Memberships available. $85 for family, $75 for individuals and $55 for juniors.
2011 Tournament Schedule
April 30 3rd round Cup Matches qualifying
May 4 Region 8
May 6 Red River Army Depot
May 7 Moore’s Lane Baptist Church
May 11 West Bowie County Rotary
May 13 Texarkana College
May 22 Couples Scramble
June 4 Tyson Foods
June 7 4 States AIFA
June 11 Tanel 360 Gold
June 24 NFL Hometown Weekend
June 26 Couples Scramble
July 8 City Championship
July 14 Ark-La-Tex Juniors
July 31 Couples Scramble
Aug. 4 Ark-La-Tex Ladies
Aug. 21 Couples Scramble
Sept. 15 Southwest Arkansas Seniors
Sept. 18 Couples Championship
Sept. 24-25 Cup Matches with Land’s End

LOCATION: Atlanta, Texas; PAR: 9 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 5,500; GREENS FEE: $20 weekdays, $25 weekends and holidays; CARTS: $8 individual 9 holes, $14 for 18 holes; $6 each for 2 riders. $2 discount on green fee for 65-over. CLUB MANAGER: Charles Evans; PHONE: (903) 796-4146; Memberships available.

LOCATION: Clarksville, Texas; PAR: 9 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,129; GREENS FEE: $18 weekdays, $22 weekends and holidays; CARTS: $15 for 18 holes; CLUB CONTACT: Chris Harvey; PHONE: (903) 427-3450; Memberships available.
2011 Tournament Schedule
April  30-May 1 Ladies Tournament
May 10 Ark-La-Tex Ladies Tournament
May 30 Memorial Day Tournament
June 11-12 2-Man Scramble
July 3 July Fourth Tournament
July 9 19th Hole Scramble (4 man)
July 30-31 Club Championship
Aug. 13-14 Couples Tournament
Aug. 20 Night Tournament
Sept. 5 Labor Day Tournament
Holiday tournaments will be $10 entry plus greens fee for non-members.

LOCATION: Mount Pleasant, Texas; PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,396; GREENS FEE: $45 (includes cart); DIRECTOR OF GOLF: Justin Albritton; PHONE: (903) 572-0751; Memberships available.

LOCATION: Ashdown, Ark.; PAR: 18 holes, 37-34-71; YARDAGE: 5,241; GREENS FEE: $20 weekdays ($15 for 9 holes with cart), includes cart, $25 weekends, includes cart; CLUB MANAGER: Mary Lewis; Phone: (870) 898-5649. (Open 7 days a week, weather permitting)

LOCATION: Near Millwood State Park, Ark.; PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,614; GUEST FEE: $24 with member; CARTS: $15 for 18 holes; PHONE: (870) 898-6674; Memberships available.

LOCATION: Nashville, Ark.; PAR: 18 holes, 35-36-71; YARDAGE: 5,758; GUEST GREENS FEE: $20 plus tax weekdays, $25 plus tax weekends; CARTS: $20 plus tax for 18 holes; CLUB MANAGER: Dennis Sutton; PHONE: (870) 845-9992. Memberships available.

HOPE COUNTRY CLUB (semi-private)
LOCATION: Hope, Ark.; PAR: 18 holes, 35-36-71; YARDAGE: 5,621; GREENS FEE:  $25 without member; CARTS: $10 per player for 18 holes; MANAGER: Jess Maneta; PHONE: (870) 777-8092.

LOCATION: Winthrope, Ark.; PAR: 9 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,078; GUEST GREENS FEE: $10 weekday, $20 weekends and holidays; CARTS: No carts available; TOURNAMENT CONTACT: Sue Green; PHONE: (870) 381-7971. Memberships available.

LOCATION: Glenwood, Ark.; PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,550; GREENS FEE: $34 weekdays (includes 1/2 cart), $43 weekends (includes 1/2 cart); Every fourth round is free; CLUB MANAGER: Julie Howell; Pro-Jon Burton; PHONE: (870) 356-4422 or 1-800-833-3110.

LOCATION: De Queen, Ark.; PAR: 9 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,400; GREENS FEE: $15 weekdays; $20 weekends; CARTS: $10 for 18 holes; CLUB MANAGER: J.P. Pearson; PHONE: (870) 642-8800.

LOCATION: Broken Bow, Okla. (north of city); PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; GREENS FEE: $35 (includes cart); Manager: Kurt Adams; PHONE: (580) 494-6456. Memberships available.

IDABEL COUNTRY CLUB (semi-private)
LOCATION: Idabel, Okla.; PAR: 18 holes, 36-36-72; YARDAGE: 6,100; GREENS FEE: $27.50 Monday through Thursday; Carts $20 for 18 holes; GREENS FEE: $33 Friday through Sunday and holidays  PRO: David Deberry; PHONE: (580) 286-7545; Memberships available.

Ark-La-Tex Junior Tour
Membership $25; Contact Dick Williams (903) 663-6305 or (www.thejuniorgolftour.com).
2011 Tournament Schedule
June 6 Longview Country Club
June 9 Texarkana Country Club
June 13 Alpine Golf Club, Longview, Texas
June 16 Northridge Country Club
June 20 Wood Hollow, Longview, Texas
June 23 Texarkana Golf Ranch (Adult/Youth)
June 27 Van Zandt Country Club, Canton, Texas
June 30 Idabel Country Club, Idabel, Okla.
July 11 Challenge at Oak Forest, Longview, Texas
July 14 Oak Grove Golf Club, New Boston, Texas
July 18 Southern Hills Country Club, Gladewater, Texas
July 21 Gladewater Country Club
July 25 Alpine Golf Club, Longview, Texas
July 28 Wood Hollow Golf Club, Longview (Adult/Youth)
Aug. 1 Pinecrest Country Club, Longview, Texas (Tournament of Champions).

2011 Southwest Arkansas Senior Tour
Membership $35; Contact: Larry East, (870) 773-2278 or (903) 277-4623
May 19 New Haven Golf Club (2-man scramble)
June 16 Nashville Country Club (2-man 4 ball, best score)
July 21 Hope Country Club (2-man total points)
Aug. 18 Magnolia Country Club (4-man schamble, 2-best ball)
Sept. 15 Oak Grove Golf Club (2-man schamble best ball)
Oct. 20 DeGray Golf Course (Club Championship)
Nov. 10 Ashdown Southern Fairways (2-man shamble best ball)

Mar 16

Mike Erskine got Moore help than he expected last week as the team of Don Moore, Randy Moore, Tommy Moore and Erskine won The Haven Open at New Haven Golf Club with a 12-under-par 59. Course manager Joe Baumann was pleased with the tournament, noting there were more than 20 entries.

Feb 14

Lefty Jon Sheppard scored a hole-in-one Sunday at Texarkana Country Club when he aced the 176-yard sixth hole using a 6-iron. The shot was witnessed by Ty Patterson, Geoff Culbertson and Greg Flanagan.

Jan 20

I’m sure everyone has an opinion here. Tell me which hole you think is toughest. It can be at Texarkana Country Club, New Haven, Northridge, Links, Oak Grove, Atlanta, Ashdown. If I get enough response I’ll do a column and mention best opinions and why. Tell me why you think a hole is so difficult.

Jan 10

The Northern Texas PGA Junior Tour recently announced the 2010 Golf Galaxy Player of the Year award winners for the Ewing Auomotive All American Tour.
Nine-year-old Kade Keith of Texarkana took top honors in the 7-9 age division, with Taylor Nichols of Idabel, Okla., doing the same in the 12-13 division.
Golf Galaxy is the title sponsor of the NTPGA Junior Tour’s Player of the Year Points Challenge. The tour has a membership of over 2,700 junior golfers and conducts more than 240 tournaments annually.
For more information on the NTPGA and the Golf Galaxy Player of the Year award winners, contact Justin Bailey (214) 420-7421, ext. 111.

Jan 5

PGA Tour Schedule

Jan. 6-9 — Hyundai Tournament of Champions, Plantation Course, Kapalua, Hawaii
Jan. 13-16 — Sony Open, Waialae CC, Honolulu
Jan. 19-23 — Bob Hope Classic, PGA West (Palmer Private, Nicklaus Private), La Quinta CC, SilverRock Resort, La Quinta, Calif.
Jan. 27-30 — Farmers Insurance Open, Torrey Pines GC (North and South), San Diego
Feb. 3-6 — Waste Management Phoenix Open, TPC Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Feb. 10-13 — AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, Monterey Peninsula (Shore Course), Pebble Beach, Calif.
Feb. 17-20 — Northern Trust Open, Riviera CC, Los Angeles
Feb. 23-27 — WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, Ritz-Carlton GC at Dove Mountain, Marana, Ariz.
Feb. 24-27 — Mayakoba Golf Classic, El Camaleon GC, Maya, Mexico
March 3-6 — Honda Classic, PGA National GC, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
March 10-13 — WGC-Cadillac Championship, TPC Blue Monster at Doral, Doral, Fla.
March 10-13 — Puerto Rico Open, Trump International GC, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
March 17-20 — Transitions Championship, Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead Course), Palm Harbor, Fla.
March 24-27 — Arnold Palmer Invitational, Bay Hill Club & Lodge, Orlando, Fla.
March 31-April 3 — Shell Houston Open, Redstone GC (Tournament Course), Houston
April 7-10 — Masters Tournament, Augusta National GC, Augusta, Ga.
April 14-17 — Valero Texas Open, TPC San Antonio, San Antonio
April 21-24 — The Heritage, Harbourtown Golf Links, Hilton Head Island, S.C.
April 28-May 1 — Zurich Classic, TPC Louisiana, New Orleans
May 5-8 — Wells Fargo Championship, Quail Hollow Club, Charlotte, N.C.
May 12-15 — The Players Championship, TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium Course), Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
May 19-22 — Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial, Colonial CC, Fort Worth, Texas
May 26-29 — HP Byron Nelson Championship, TPC Four Seasons Resort, Las Colinas, Texas
June 2-5 — Memorial Tournament, Muirfield Village GC, Dublin, Ohio
June 9-12 — FedEx St. Jude Classic, TPC Southwind, Memphis, Tenn.
June 16-19 — U.S. Open, Congressional CC, Bethesda, Md.
June 23-26 — Travelers Championship, TPC River Highlands, Hartford, Conn.
June 30-July 3 — AT&T National, Aronomink GC, Newton Square, Pa.
July 7-10 — John Deere Classic, TPC Deere Run, Silvis, Ill.
July 14-17 — British Open, Royal St. George’s, Sandwich, England
July 14-17 — Viking Classic, Annandale GC, Madison, Miss.
July 21-24 — RBC Canadian Open, Shaughnessy G&CC, Vancouver, British Columbia
July 28-31 — The Greenbrier Classic, The Old White Course, Greenbrier, W.Va.
Aug. 4-7 — WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, Firestone CC (South Course), Akron, Ohio
Aug. 4-7 — Reno-Tahoe Open, Montreaux Golf & CC, Reno, Nev.
Aug. 11-14 — PGA Championship, Atlanta Athletic Club (Highlands Course), Johns Creek, Ga.
Aug. 18-21 — Wyndham Championship, Sedgefield CC, Greensboro, N.C.
Aug. 25-28 — The Barclays, Plainfield CC, Edison, N.J.
Sept. 2-5 — Deutsche Bank Championship, TPC Boston, Norton, Mass.
Sept. 15-18 — BMW Championship, Cog Hill Golf & CC (Dubsdread Course), Lemont, Ill.
Sept. 22-25 — Tour Championship, East Lake GC, Atlanta
Sept. 29-Oct. 2 — Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open, TPC Summerlin, Las Vegas
Oct. 6-9 — Frys.com Open, CordeValle GC, San Martin, Calif.
Oct. 13-16 — The McGladrey Classic, Sea Island Resort (Seaside Course), St. Simons Island, Ga.
Oct. 20-23 — Children’s Miracle Network Classic, Walt Disney World Resort (Magnolia, Palm), Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
Oct. 27-30 — CIMB Asia Pacific Classic, The Mines Resort & GC, Selangor, Malaysia
Nov. 3-6 — WGC-HSBC Champions, Sheshan International GC, Shanghai
Nov. 17-20 — The Presidents Cup, Royal Melbourne GC, Melbourne, Australia
Nov. 24-27 — Omega Missions Hills World Cup, Mission Hills Resort Hainan (Blackstone Course), Hainan Island, China

Dec 7

The Adams Pro Golf Tour will be back in Texarkana this summer. The tournament will be June 6-12 at Texarkana Golf Ranch

Oct 5

HOLES-IN-ONE: Kirk Johnson scored a hole-in-one at Texarkana Country Club when he aced the 135-yard 11th hole using a 9-iron. The shot was witnessed by Kelvin Wyrick, Nick Williams, Ronnie McDaniel, Jim Moser and Mac McAllister.

Ron Rogers aced the 218-yard third hole at Texarkana Country Club using a 2-iron. The shot was witnessed by David Waddle, Derick Giles, Michael Griffin and Bruce Hornbuckle.

Jul 30

By Louie Avery

Perfect playing conditions at Texarkana Country Club added up to two incredible performances by local teenagers Thursday in the 2010 Arkansas State Golf Association’s Mountain Valley Junior Stroke Play Championships.
Sixteen-year-old  Sean Romero left most of his competition in awe with a 5-under-par 67 in the final round, and a 54-hole score of 200 for a 11-stroke win over 17-year-old Corbin Renner of Little Rock.
The only other golfer to shoot under par in the tournament was Texarkana’s Cole Kennedy, who brought TCC to its knees with a spectacular course-record 62 to finish at 215. Cabot’s Colby Benton shot even par on the final day for a 217 total.
Heber Springs’ Katie Webb put an exclamation mark on her 2010 player of the year journey by shooting 80 Thursday for a 245 total and 3-shot victory over Jessieville’s Grier Bennett, who had entered the final round tied for first place with Webb.
Romero’s playing partners—Renner and Benton—knew early in the final round that their prospects of catching him were slim at best. Romero drained a 40-foot birdie putt at the first hole, and he got up and down from the sand at the par-5 second hole for another birdie. It marked the third straight day he had started with birdies on his first two holes.
There was more drama at the long par-3 third hole.
“I was just trying to throw the ball at the center of the greens today and hopefully make a few putts,” Romero said. “I almost had a hole-in-one at the third hole. I was just an inch from dunking, but it rolled about six feet past the flag and I missed the putt.
“I didn’t hit the ball as well today. My goal was to play bogey-free and I did that. I hit a bunch of bunkers on the front, but got up and down each time. That helped my momentum going to the back.”
Romero finished 3-under on the front, scoring a third birdie at the par-5 seventh. He final two birdies came at 10 and 18, with several close calls in between.
“I’ve gone under par several times in a row, but never this low,” Romero said. “This has to be my best tournament. I’ve been told the more low rounds you have, the more comfortable you are about getting there. I’m really glad I did it this week before the Junior PGA, so I can have some confidence in Indiana and know I can go low.”
Romero indicated how focused he was on his performance by admitting he had no idea his friend Kennedy had set a new course record.
“I walked in and signed my scorecard, and I was hearing 62,” he said. “I had no idea who had shot it, but wasn’t surprised to see it was Cole. That’s amazing.”
And so was Romero’s 3-day performance.

Jul 29

By Louie Avery

What’s a golfer to do when he’s entering the final round of a 54-hole tournament and facing a 22-shot deficit?
Realistically, winning was not likely for 16-year-old Texas High junior Cole Kennedy, who had posted scores of 75 and 78 during the first two days of the ASGA Mountain Valley Junior Stroke Play Championship at Texarkana Country Club.
“My plan going into the final round was to just take it one shot at a time and make as many birdies as I could,” said Kennedy, who scored 10 birdies on his way to a competitive course-record 62. Kennedy was one of three players to finish the event under par at 215.
“My previous best score was 67, so this is a big deal for me. It’s going to help, I’m sure my confidence has to go up.”
It might surprise some to know Kennedy wasn’t shocked that he went so low after two disappointing rounds.
“I play golf with Sean (Romero) all the time, and we’re very competitive,” Kennedy said. “Sean had two great rounds coming into the final round, and I absolutely knew I could shoot the same type of scores.”
That fact became evident early Thursday after Kennedy buried short birdie putts at the second and third holes. His putter was just beginning to warm up as he converted birdies at 5, 7, 8 and 9 to shoot a 6-under 30 on the front nine.
The course record was in sight after birdies at 12 and 13. He tapped in from 18 inches for birdie at 15 to tie the record previously held by professional Brandel Chamblee. Near misses followed at 16 and 17, but with arms raised he celebrated a new record on the 18th green after sinking a slippery 18-footer for his final birdie.
Celebrating with Kennedy was 19-year-old Jade Scott, an all-conference selection in Conference USA this spring at Rice, who volunteered to be Kennedy’s caddy.
Scott, an all-stater during his schoolboy years at Daingerfield, is a member at TCC, and practices several times each week with Kennedy.
“I was just walking him and keeping him relaxed,” Scott said. “I tried to keep him from thinking about what was going on, and for the most part we didn’t even talk about golf until late in the round.”
Kennedy said his good friend deserved more credit then that.
“The biggest point in the round for me came at No. 6 where I hit left of the green,” he said. “Jade told me to hit a shot that I would have never dreamed about. I was on a down slope and ready to hit my sand wedge, but he told me to hit my 52 (wedge). I ended up making a 10-footer to save par. He made me think around the course.”
Could it have been better?
“Oh yes, I honestly thought I had made a birdie putt at 16,” Kennedy said. “I had a downhill 15-footer for birdie at 17 and left it just short. But seriously, I couldn’t be happier.”

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