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PEREZ FORESTRY, LLC, Huttig, AR, is now hiring 60 temporary Forest Workers to work in various counties in AR, LA, OK, & TX from 11/1/2012 to 7/31/2013. Manual itinerant work hand tree seedling planting, pre-commerical thinning and boundary line maintenance to reforest and maintain timberlands. Requires physical stamina. Extensive walking over rough terrain. Work is in adverse weather.Weekend work may be required. Must lift and carry 50 lbs. No education or experience required. Overnight travel required. Workers must arrive at first job site at own expense. Worker pays own room and board. Non-local employees are reimbursed the reasonable costs incurred for transportation to the first worksite in the first work week. Transportation provided to daily worksites from a central location at no cost. Employer provides transportation between worksites. Employer provides all tools and safety gear at no cost. Overtime may be offered and, if worked, will be paid at time and one half the regular hourly rate. Production standard of 2000 trees correctly planted per 8 hour day after one week of training May pay a piece rate of $17.25-$20.75 per acre planted correctly, depending on worksite location or $14.16/hr, whichever is higher. Hourly wage is $14.16. 8 hrs M-F (07:00 AM to 04:00 PM); 40hrs /wk. Severe weather may affect the number of available hours during a work week. Workers who hold or obtain a MSPA certificate with driving authorization may transport workers and may be offered additional work hours. Fax or mail resumes to (870) 797-2726, 101 Ash Avenue , Huttig, AR 71747.

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