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EMPLOYER STRIPPIN Feathers seeks 15 farmworkers for seasonal, temporary work in Welsh, Lake Arthur, LA during crawfish, rice season; 12/15/2013 to 9/30/2014; 40 hrs per week, overtime hours may be offered; 7-4p; M-Fri; job duties: Employer seeks workers to work for crawfish and rice farm from mid-December through September.  Work begins with crawfish season, including manually cutting up of fish bait, baiting and checking traps, grading, washing crawfish for shipment, making repairs to traps as needed.  Following crawfish season, work in rice fields; job duties include tractor, equipment and truck driving, field prep, water maint., planting and harvesting of crops, manual shovel work, hoeing weeds, spot spraying, repair and maint. of bins, equip. and fences; maint. field levees, roads, shop; load and unload trucks into grain bins, level as needed; operating farm equipment; all tools furnished; job involves frequent stooping, lifting, exposure to extreme temps; must have 3 months experience in similar farm occupation; $9.50/hour; work guaranteed for 3/4ths of period; tools, supplies, equip, housing, transportation, subsistence provided; re: Job Order: 465956 Contact Arkansas Dept. of Workforce Services, P.O. Box 2981, #2 Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201 (501) 683-2372

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