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NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE of property to satisfy landlord’s lien. Sale is at 10:00 am, Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 901 N. Bishop, Wake Village, TX. Property will be sold to the highest bidder for CASH. Cleanup and removal deposit may be required. Seller reserves right to withdraw property from sale. Property includes contents of spaces of the following tenants: Carolina L. Williams, Furniture, boxes; Ruthie D. Epps, Furniture, refrigerator, bags, boxes, totes; Loretta N. Hensarling, Furniture, boxes; Shawna M. Pierce, Furniture, Christmas decorations, TVs, freezer, boxes, totes; Sherl D. Wilson, Boxes, clothes, files; Nastassia N. Nunley, Furniture, boxes; Julian M. Flores, Chairs, table, toys, totes; Melita E. McGuire, Wigs, shoes, bags, clothes; Christina J. Revey, Totes, clothes, bags; Kennethia R. Stephenson, Furniture, TV, tires, boxes; Jessica Y. Webb, Copy machine, dresser, boxes, toys. Auction conducted by Col. R. Deaton TXL10950. Contact Lauren Cook, 903-832-2332 or CUBBY HOLE USA, 901 N. Bishop, Wake Village, TX 75501.

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