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Public auction will be held at Payless Storage, Inc, Located at 927 N. Robison Rd,
Texarkana, Texas on February 15, 2013 at 9:00 AM.  Items to be so highest bidder to satisfy Land Lords lien.  Items are has includes household items and other miscellaneous items. Cash accepted. List of tenants:
Sam Salmon
Wayne Swingle
James E. Davis Jr.
Twyla Thomas
Sherry Thomason 
Hazel Whetstone/ Sylivia Martin
Jason Crosby/ Victoria Crosby                                    David West
Steve Payne   
Latara Camble
Harold Martin                        Nicholas Clifton
Phyllis Harrison  
Rasheda S. Aubrey
Tera Duree’                           Andrea Hardy
Mary Kelly
Henry Benton/ Shanteze Howard
Gerard Billingly
Ventoria Allen
Anna Barber
Latrisha Sanders
Sharon D Gipson

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