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For Hearing Aids in Texarkana, See Better Hearing Care

Better Hearing Care has hundreds of satisfied customers, including Texarkana resident Billy Hines, owner of Hines Trucking, Inc. in Prescott, Arkansas. Hines, 58, started having trouble with his hearing 20 years ago. Since then, he has worked with Judy on selection, fitting and adjustments.

"I have real small ear canals and I'm hard to please," Billy said. "But Judy has really worked with me to make sure my hearing aids are right. She contacts me when there's a new technology she thinks I should try and she has really worked with my schedule, coming in early or waiting for me. I've watched her working with elderly people in her office, and she just has a real knack for it. Once I had to go to Brazil and one of my hearing aids went crazy the day before my trip. I called Judy and she was going to meet me at 9 a.m. on Saturday to fix it, but when I woke up that morning it had fixed itself. She is very patient and accommodating."

Another satisfied customer of Judy's is Frances Holcombe, former director of Opportunities Incorporated of Texarkana. Frances has been a Better Hearing Care customer for more than 10 years, and there are many reasons she relies on Judy Coleman for her hearing care needs.

"Number one, Judy is local," Frances said." She lives here, so I can just run in and talk to her.

She's easily accessible, and there's never a time Iíve been in when she wasn't upbeat, happy and did everything she could to work with me until my hearing aids were just right. And Better Hearing Care has payment plans that work for me, too."