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LearningRX: Tutoring for Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD & more!

With an interest in helping individuals learn more easily and efficiently, LearningRx puts their program focus on improving the cognitive skills that make up IQ.

LearningRx is directed by a group of professionals from areas of psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive and clinical psychology, specialists in vision and auditory processing, and educators. With the unique abilities to re-wire the neuropathways in the brain, new skills are put into the subconscious by repeating them over and over.

After sessions of three to six months with intense one-on-one training, Learning Rx is able to achieve twice the results in half the time of other techniques. Students no longer have to learn to process information; they are now able to process information to learn.

Dramatic results can be expected and students are able to experience success. "We’re helping students all over the Texarkana area—both children and adults—achieve their full potential to learn, read, and succeed in school and in life," says owner and director of LearningRx Allan Wren.

Cognitive skills testing and training gives you the power to impact a broad variety of learning and reading challenges. The articles below each touch on a different learning area that can be addressed and quickly improved with the right skills training strategy.

LearningRx can help with:

Please call or come by for an assessment. We are located at 5602 Richmond Road Suite 104, Texarkana, Texas. Call 903-292-0303