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For Termite & Pest Control in Texarkana, See Pillow

If you are looking for the best products at reasonable prices Pillow Termite and Pest Control should be your first call. They provide the most effective chemicals like Termidor and ant and roach gels and baits. These days sprays aren’t always the best means of controlling small pests, as they can wear or wash off. Gels and baits can last longer, giving better results to people with infestations. Termidor, their termiticide, is virtually undetectable to termites and has proven to be 100% effective for over 12 years in the running.

Spring is said to be Termite Season, as termites begin to swarm this time of year, when the dogwoods bloom and the pollen falls. This swarming makes them easier to detect because it is the only time of year they come out of their wood homes. Carpenter Bees also will begin to bore holes into eaves of homes during the spring, making it a prime time to have your home inspected. With flea and tick season drawing near, it is also the perfect opportunity to protect your yard with a pretreatment.

Pillow Termite and Pest Control is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. They can be reached during business hours at 903-223-8351. Their after-hours answering service number is 903-793-1525. Their services range from pre-treats to new construction and general termite and pest control. “We are hometown folks, born and raised,” said Glenn, “and we are family-owned and operated. That sets us apart from the rest!” LAY YOUR PESTS TO REST