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Tree Doctor "Whisperer" offers Deep Root Fertilization, Thinning, & Removal

You can rest assured that Joe Narens, "The Tree Whisperer", of Texarkana, will inspect your trees, assessing the overall health and safety of your property. Looking for any dead, diseased or weak limbs that may pose a danger to life or property.

One service that many seek is, "Thinning" or "Class II Pruning", which reduces the “sail effects” of a tree during windy conditions and improves the overall appearance of the trees canopy. This service allows better air movement throughout the tree, reducing conditions favorable for leaf disease. State of the Art "Cabling" strategically places cables, which provides additional support for weak limbs or tree trunks.

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilization of shade trees and shrubs, keeps them Healthy and Vigorously Growing, which makes the trees less susceptible to insect, disease, and drought conditions. This unique fertilizer will supply the nutrients for superior growth and will last throughout the growing season.

Services Offered By Narens Tree Care:

Call Joe Narens today 870-774-5206 or visit him on the web

“It takes more than a chainsaw, to be a tree man..” (Credit & Debit Cards Accepted)