A New Boston, Texas, woman accused of mailing letters laced with the toxin ricin to President Barack Obama and others gave birth prematurely to a baby boy July 4.

Texarkana, Texas, attorney John Delk, who represents Shannon Guess Richardson’s husband, Nathaniel Richardson, said the infant was born about four months ahead of his due date.

Delk said the baby weighed less than 2 pounds when he was born in a Longview, Texas, hospital but has been transferred to another hospital for surgery and care related to his premature birth and low weight.

Shannon Richardson allegedly mailed letters tainted with ricin to Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomburg and the head of a gun control advocacy group. Shannon Richardson initially accused her husband of concocting the ricin and mailing the letters.

Nathaniel Richardson has not been charged with a crime.

Shannon Richardson remains in federal custody.

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Published: 07/23/2013