At least 17 vehicles were involved in three separate crash sites on eastbound Interstate 30 Friday morning, a Texas Department of Public Safety official said.

No serious or life threatening injuries were reported but at least 14 people were taken to local hospitals.

The initial crash occurred at mile marker 217 with 12 vehicles involved, said DPS Trooper Sylvia Jennings. The wreck caused a chain reaction and a few more vehicles crashed as that site as well, she said.

It is believed about 15 to 20 vehicles were involved at that scene.

Two semis in the crash were able to be driven from the scene afterwards, she said.

A second crash occurred at the 213 mile marker involving at least two vehicles, Jennings said.

A third crash occurred somewhere between the first two sites, she said.

The crashes caused easbound I-30 to be closed but it is now open.

Officials are still investigating and compiling details.

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Published: 05/30/2014