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Don't boil those tomatoes alive! Why not to water during the hottest weather

Published Jul. 23 2017

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—This tomato plant was a goner. Thinking I was helping, I only hastened its rapid demise.

The beauty of blue and white color combo never fades

Published Jul. 22 2017

Some color crushes come and go. Others develop into true love that lasts forever. That's how I feel about the...

If you can't hide the TV, frame it

Published Jul. 16 2017

Televisions are the design world's version of a Rorschach test. To take it, just ask yourself this question: Does a...

With morning glory, beauty can be a beast

Published Jul. 16 2017

One plant I fear above all others is a romantic annual vine grandmother loved: morning glory. These exceptional trumpet flowers...

Front-yard patios spark socializing on this block

Published Jul. 16 2017

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn.—Want to make your neighborhood friendlier? Consider adding a front-yard patio some pavers, a few plants,...