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Fasting before a blood test; the benefits of an annual flu shot

Published Sep. 23 2017

Q: I hate not eating for hours and hours before a blood test.

World War I program at Ahern Home Saturday

Published Sep. 21 2017

This year is the 100th year anniversary of the United States entering the fray of World War I, and many...

Time to Dine on the Line

Published Sep. 21 2017

Texarkana's annual celebration of our two-state downtown returns on Saturday, Oct. 7, with Dine on the Line providing live music,...

From Eskimo Brothers to MJ tribute, there's live music aplenty

Published Sep. 21 2017

Whether it's indie rock, rockabilly, dance music or a tribute show to the King of Pop himself, there's a veritable...


Published Sep. 21 2017

BestBets for Sept. 22, 2017

New 'Kingsman' sequel cynical, offensive

Published Sep. 21 2017

"Kingsman: The Secret Service" caught many by surprise when it was released in 2014. On the surface, it's an updated,...

'Why Can't He Be You' a hit for Lynn

Published Sep. 21 2017

This week in 1977: The U.S. House Of Representatives approved hikes in the minimum wage; a government study revealed that...


Published Sep. 21 2017

People for Sept. 22, 2017

Son's health problems cause man to question his parentage

Published Sep. 21 2017

Dear Abby: My first marriage ended in divorce 35 years ago because my wife had cheated on me several times....

Letter in defense of service dogs

Published Sep. 21 2017

Dear Heloise: I am a United States military veteran.

Why belly fat increases cancer risk and what to do about it

Published Sep. 21 2017

From Mike Biggs (in "Mike & Molly") to Dan Conner (in "Roseanne") and Doug Heffernan (in "King of Queens"), TV...

Woman's office co-workers ridicule her extreme aversion to blood

Published Sep. 21 2017

Dear Abby: I'm a 30-year-old female who has extreme hemophobia. I cannot see blood or hear people talk about anything...

Nana learns to say 'no' to cheap toys

Published Sep. 21 2017

Dear Heloise: I've stopped caving to my grandchildren when we are in the store. I used to buy them little...

How to avoid having sore knees

Published Sep. 21 2017

"After years of war, my ancestors gave up their barbaric practices and bent the knee to their new kings," says...

virtual 'interviews': Exhibit lets you ask questions of Holocaust survivors

Published Sep. 21 2017

NEW YORK—What was it like in a Nazi concentration camp? How did you survive? How has it affected your life...

Three Baton Rouge museums showcase Louisiana in WWI

Published Sep. 21 2017

A trio of exhibits about Louisiana's part in World War I will include a walk-through simulation of a trench on...


Published Sep. 21 2017

GEOQUIZ for Sept. 21, 2017

The big question: Will cancer immune therapy work for me?

Published Sep. 20 2017

SAN DIEGO — Dennis Lyon was a genetic train wreck. Cancer was ravaging his liver, lungs, bones and brain, and...

Exceptional eggplant: 4 great recipes

Published Sep. 19 2017

Let's face it, eggplant is weird.

What to do with all that zucchini

Published Sep. 19 2017

Give a man a zucchini and he will eat for a day. Give a man a zucchini plant, and he...

Book helps parents survive school year meal planning

Published Sep. 19 2017

As a working parent of a 4-year-old, some of the things I Google most are: "meal planning strategies," "sandwich ideas"...

Finding a place at your table for leafy greens

Published Sep. 19 2017

Kale, Swiss chard, collards, turnip greens, spinach. It can be confusing, trying to figure out these greens. For many, the...

Taco casserole still a favorite standby recipe

Published Sep. 19 2017

Dear Heloise: You had a recipe that was a favorite with my husband and four boys, especially when they were...