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Jamming by the Christmas tree

Jamming by the Christmas tree

December 6th, 2018 by Aaron Brand in Features

Local musicians now bring the festive holiday cheer on Friday nights at Texarkana Christmas Trees.

Until Christmas, the Friday Night Jams at the 3704 New Boston Road Christmas tree stand will feature a local act headlining, followed by an open jam for any musicians interested. Jacob Miller and his family run the tree lot and Mic'd Music nearby, and they started this series on Black Friday.

The Friday Night Jams run from 6 p.m. to about 8 p.m.

The idea, said Miller, is to have a headliner perform for a while and then musicians jam together there at a tent in the trees, where visitors can relax, sit back and sip hot apple cider as they listen to music. "You've got to have something to warm you up a little bit," he said.

Today's featured performer is Ted Stone, following by John Michael Bullock on Dec. 14 and Don and Laura Riddle on Dec. 21. Local musician Glenn Smith has been heading up the group of local jam musicians, playing the bass.

"We want people to just come by and jam," Miller said. So, there are just a few more chances to join the Friday night jam, making music while people search for that perfect Christmas greenery all around.

"Thee more weeks of jams," Miller said, noting the family has also worked to remodel Mic'd Music since buying the music instrument retailer in April.


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