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Why recipes use so much salt

Why recipes use so much salt

February 13th, 2018 by Heloise - Advice in Features

Dear Heloise: Why is salt used in so many recipes? Even cake recipes have salt added. Why?—Rhonda S., Minot, N.D.

Rhonda, salt is used in recipes to enhance flavors. It often brings out such flavors as sweetness, or sometimes is used to counteract a flavor that's bitter. It's also a nutrient, because most table salt in the United States contains iodine, which prevents goiters. When salt is used in making bread, it has an effect on the texture of the bread, and it also is a color enhancer for many processed meats.—Heloise




Dear Heloise: Try fresh lemon juice instead of sprinkling salt on your vegetables. The taste is terrific, and it's healthy for those who need to limit their salt intake.—Kate L., Tiverton, R.I.


Dear Heloise: I've found that if I refrigerate the cookie dough before I make cookies, they stay fluffy and full. I also have two baking pans, and I let the pans cool rather than placing the cookie dough on a warm pan, because this will flatten the cookies.—Gail S., Rockville, Md.




Dear Heloise: I love to chop up some scallions and mushrooms and add them to scrambled eggs. It improves the taste and texture.—Lonnie R., Holland, Mich.



Dear Readers: A growing trend is serving popular drinks in a copper mug. There's nothing wrong with that, but those mugs should be lined with something, such as stainless steel or nickel, that will keep the copper from leaching into the drink (especially with acidic drinks). Why? Over a period of time, the exposure to copper could result in nausea, dizziness and irritation of the eyes, mouth and nose.—Heloise


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