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Dear Readers: A great safety measure to protect your pets in case of a fire? A sticker on the window telling first responders how many and what types of pets you have inside.

These stickers are readily available — at pet stores, through the ASPCA ( for a small donation or at online retailers.

Keep the stickers up to date. Firefighters want to save as many lives as possible, and these stickers give them a benchmark from which to start.

Emergencies like fires and floods are high-pressure situations. The harsh reality is, domestic animals can run and hide in an emergency, but these stickers can help pets get rescued. — Heloise


Pet Pal

Dear Readers: Meet Ceaser. Maria adopted Ceaser in July of 2018, and he is now 4 years old. A shorthair domestic, he loves to pose for pictures!

To see Ceaser and our other Pet Pals, visit and click on "Pet of the Week." — Heloise


Dog In Danger

Dear Heloise: Remind your readers to keep their dogs secure when driving with them in their car. I saw a guy driving with his two dogs hanging out the window. You'd never let your kids do that, so why let your dog? — Bobbie P., Santa Ana, Calif.


Water Woman

Dear Heloise: I water the trees, shrubs, rosebushes, etc. I don't waste water on the lawn. I concentrate on salvaging as many large trees as possible during our Texas summers.

My watering schedule includes watering after the sun goes down. I would be interested in a product to assist the plants and trees in surviving extreme heat. — Elizabeth in Texas


Pickle Sandwich?

Dear Heloise: I ran out of bread, so I formed a sort of "sandwich" by putting a seasoned pickle between two slices of ham with mustard. A toothpick held it in place. It is low-calorie and high-protein. It also can make a decent hors d'oeuvre. — Ken F., Brenham, Texas


Savvy Shopper

Dear Heloise: I keep a dry-erase board on my fridge, and I write down items as I need them. Before I leave the house, I take a picture of the board with my phone, and I seldom forget anything. — Priscilla J., via email

Makes negotiating the supermarket easier, especially on a Saturday! — Heloise


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