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Opinion Editorials


Published Jul. 14 2018

LAGOS, Portugal—Whatever image you have of Jaguar, it will soon be rendered obsolete by the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace, the first...

New 2019 Jetta is VW's best compact sedan

Published Jul. 14 2018

Volkswagen is the world's largest automaker, rich and powerful beyond the dreams of avarice, but the German powerhouse's execs could...

Tiny surprise: EcoSport brings cool features to market

Published Jul. 14 2018

The first challenge with the 2018 Ford EcoSport was to figure out how to get into the cargo area. The...

What might a socialist America do?

Published Jul. 14 2018

WASHINGTON—This, one of the pleasures of being a conservative, is not for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28. She recently won the Democratic...

Trump's excellent Supreme Court pick

Published Jul. 14 2018

Go on, wrinkle your brow, grit your teeth, try to dream up a better nominee for Supreme Court justice than...

Infantino fawns over Putin, politicizes soccer body

Published Jul. 14 2018

MOSCOW—When Gianni Infantino is in the orbit of Vladimir Putin, the head of world soccer cannot stop beaming. Particularly when...

Job guarantee for everyone? Be skeptical

Published Jul. 14 2018

Two ideas have emerged among the energized socialist wing of the Democratic Party in response to inequality, wage stagnation, poverty...

The Supreme Court nomination

Published Jul. 14 2018

If Alexander Hamilton had been nominated for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court today, Democrats would likely oppose him.

A justice who looks, thinks like me?

Published Jul. 14 2018

The Black Justice. The First Female. The Wise Latina. The Rumored Lesbian. The Catholic. The Other Catholic.

Trump doing Putin's dirty work

Published Jul. 14 2018

No sooner did President Trump arrive at the NATO summit in Brussels than he launched a tirade at one of...

Both parties undermine chances in November

Published Jul. 13 2018

During Barack Obama's second term, the White House let it be known the president had abandoned lofty foreign policy goals...

Explain abrupt discharges of skilled immigrants

Published Jul. 12 2018

Over the past 17 years, nearly 110,000 men and women have gained American citizenship by serving in the U.S. military....

On Asian-Americans, Harvard and the future

Published Jul. 12 2018

Everybody knows how President Donald Trump asked for a Muslim ban in his campaign and at least some of us...

Was Mueller's appointment unconstitutional?

Published Jul. 12 2018

WASHINGTON—The president, who might not be fully acquainted with the pertinent Supreme Court case law, says the appointment of Robert...

Governor's fight against marijuana denies rights

Published Jul. 10 2018

Two years after Florida voters overwhelmingly approved the use of medical marijuana, Gov. Rick Scott continues to try to stop...

Stripping Wilder's name from literature award?

Published Jul. 10 2018

Last week, at its convention in New Orleans, the American Library Association announced that it was dropping Laura Ingalls Wilder's...

President Trump supporters compared to cultists

Published Jul. 10 2018

Bob Corker, the outgoing Republican senator from Tennessee, recently compared supporters of President Trump to members of a cult. The...

Monkey Trial: Famed court proceedings started 93 years ago today

Published Jul. 10 2018

These days you here a lot of talk about "fake news."

New carbon tax sensible compromise on climate hange

Published Jul. 10 2018

The indications of a warming world are numerous and hard to miss. Last year was the third-warmest year on record...

NATO allies fear Trump will kick them, hug Putin

Published Jul. 10 2018

The reasons why patriotic Americans should worry about the president's two upcoming summits—with NATO leaders and then with Vladimir Putin—were...

Due Process, Equal Justice Constitution's 14th Amendment adopted 150 years ago today

Published Jul. 9 2018

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been the center of controversy since it was adopted on July 9,...

Chief John Roberts must come to rescue

Published Jul. 9 2018

The announcement that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring has triggered joy among conservatives and anguish among liberals and...

Pulling the plug on video games?

Published Jul. 8 2018

As a college freshman, I was big and muscular, confident, goal-oriented, and I frequently led small and large groups of...