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The C.E. Palmer Award is the city's most prestigious honor for community service. Established in 1941 and named for the longtime publisher of this newspaper, the honor has been shared by 82 people in the years since. It's always nice to be recognized for some good work or extraordinary effort. But the Palmer Award goes beyond any single accomplishment. Rather, the award comes in recognition of a lifetime of service to Texarkana.

This year's winner comes from a family that has long been prominent in local business and civic circles. Steve Ledwell is the president of Ledwell and Son Enterprises, a truck and trailer manufacturing and customization firm found by his father and grandfather in 1946.

Ledwell has continued his family's tradition of community service. He is an active supporter of many causes and organizations, including Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Boy Scouts of America, Watersprings Ranch, CASA, Harvest Texarkana, Fields of Honor Foundation, the Alzheimer's Alliance, First Response Team of America and the Running WJ Ranch.

To be recognized by one's peers as someone who has contributed to the quality of life in Texarkana over the years is an honor indeed. We congratulate Steve Ledwell as he joins the roll, listed below, of those who have helped make our city a better place to work and live.

1941-Robert Maxwell

1942-L.C. Barry

1943-Dr. T.J. Wilbanks

1944-W.B. Simmons

1945-Hal R. Moore Jr.

1946-Herman Wommack

1947-James Alan Whyte

1948-Wilbur Smith

1949-J.R. Crowder

1950-Mrs. A.R. McKinney Jr.

1951-Mrs. T.J. Robison

1952-Mrs. Arthur Temple

1953-Edwin L. Stanley, MD

1954-David Nelson

1955-J.R. Morriss Sr.

1956-J.Q. Mahaffey

1957-J.K. Wadley

1958-H.W. Stilwell

1959-James R. Bryant

1960-E.R. Bondurant

1961-Dr. W.H. Richardson

1962-A.G. Sanderson Jr.

1963-Leon Kuhn

1964-Stuart Wilson

1965-Mannie Stevens

1966-H.R. Wren Sr.

1967-Mrs. A.G. Sanderson Jr.

J.C. Cabe

1968-Pearson Walsh

1969-William G. Fuller

1970-George Rozzell

1971-B.A. Lemser

1972-Herbert Wren, MD

1973-E.M. Jones Sr.

1974-Josh R. Morriss Jr.

1975-Margaret Stuart Dickey

1976-George W. Thompson, MD

1977-Earl M. Jones Jr.

1978-L.E. Gilliland

1979-John F. Stroud Jr.

1980-David Orr

1981-E.D. Trice

1982-Charles Gardner

1983-Mrs. Christine Nelson

1984-Samuel Shuman

1985-Josephine Beck

Dr. Carl Nelson

1986-Truman Arnold

1987-Bruce Wilson

1988-Ben & Nancy Sandefur

1989-David Williams

1990-Hayes McClerkin

1991-Martha Morriss

1992-Frederick E. Joyce, MD

1993-Walter C. Barnes, MD

1994-Denzer Burke, DDS

1995-Donald N. Morriss

1996-C.A. Mitchell

Ann Forehand

1997-Remica Crank Gray

1998-William B. Roberts

1999-Connor Patman

George Crank & Florence Crank

2000-Vasco McCoy

2001-William O. Morriss

2002-Fred & Martha Norton

2003-R. Scott & Jane F. Bruner

2004-Judy Kelley Morgan

2005-Dan Haskins

2006-Shirley Finn

2007-Patty Smith

2008-Ruth Ellen Whitt

2009-Joan Carter

2010-Danny Gray

2011-Denis Washington

2012-James Henry Russell

2013-Lucille Cook

2014-Curt Green

2015-Steve Ledwell

To Steve Ledwell and all C.E. Palmer Award winners past and future, we say thank you for your service and commitment to our community.